Giant-Size Defenders #5 (July 1975):
“Eelar Moves in Mysterious Ways!”
by Steve Gerber, Gerry Conway, Roger Slifer, Len Wein, etc.

Giant-Size Defenders #5

Title: “Eelar Moves in Mysterious Ways!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: July 1975

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Steve Gerber, Gerry Conway, Roger Slifer, Len Wein, Chris Claremont, Scott Edelman
Art by: Don Heck, Jim Mooney, Mike Esposito, Dave Hunt

21 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
The Hulk The Hulk (Bruce Banner) hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
Hulkbusters; Pantheon...  Marvel 4,551
Doctor Strange Doctor Strange (Dr. Stephen Strange) hero clergy/religious leader
CBR Scale: D occult
Illuminati; Midnight Sons...  Marvel 1,687
Justice Marvel Boy (Vance Astrovik) hero
CBR Scale: S Jewish (half)
Counter Force; Initiative: Camp Hammond (staff)...  Marvel 291
Valkyrie Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) hero
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic paganism
The Defenders
[former Chooser of the Slain]
Marvel 325
Nighthawk Nighthawk (Kyle Richmond) hero
  Redeemers (Earth-712); Redeemers...  Marvel 361
Vance Astro Vance Astro (Vance Astrovik) hero
CBR Scale: I Jewish (half)
Guardians of the Galaxy; Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation Marvel 133
Charlie-27 Charlie-27 hero
  Guardians of the Galaxy; Jovian   124
Martinex Martinex (Martinex T'Naga) hero
  Galactic Guardians; Guardians of the Galaxy   108
Yondu Yondu (Yondu Udonta) hero
  Guardians of the Galaxy   98
Aragorn Aragorn supporting character
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[winged steed of Black Knight (Whitman), Valkyrie]
Marvel 105
The Badoon The Badoon supporting character villain group
CBR Scale: M Badoon religion
[alien race] Marvel 55
Arnold Astrovik supporting character
[abusive father of Justice (Vance Astro)] Marvel 6
Norma Astrovik supporting character
CBR Scale: I Jewish
[mother of Justice (Vance Astro)] Marvel 13
Milton Childs supporting character
  [stabbed by thugs; taken to hospital by Charlie-27] Marvel 1
Eelar villain
CBR Scale: I uplifted animal
[mutated eel]
Marvel 1
Mickey supporting character
  [frightened by Eelar] Marvel 1
Ferdinand Flynn supporting character
  [frightened by Eelar] Marvel 1
Hyperion Hyperion (Mark Milton)
  Squadron Supreme; Star Masters...  Marvel 175
Doctor Spectrum Doctor Spectrum (Joe Ledger)
  Squadron Sinister; Squadron Supreme Marvel 139
Trish Starr Trish Starr
supporting character
CBR Scale: M eclectic spiritual seeker;
mysticism; meditation
[niece of Egghead] Marvel 16
Captain America Captain America (Steve Rogers)
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Redeemers; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992