Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload (2013)
by Matt Wayne, Greg Richardson

Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload

Medium: film

Publication date: 5 Nov. 2013

Publisher: Marvel Productions Arc Productions
Written by: Matt Wayne
Directed by: Greg Richardson

44 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
Spider-Man Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
(lead character)
hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Secret Defenders; Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends...  Marvel 10,664
(lead character)
villain deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Mighty Avengers (founder)...  Marvel DC 696
The Hulk The Hulk (Bruce Banner) hero scientist
CBR Scale: I Catholic (lapsed)
Hulkbusters; Pantheon...  Marvel 4,551
Iron Man Iron Man (Tony Stark) hero
CBR Scale: I futurist; technophile; mostly secular; sometimes prays; Alcoholics Anonymous
Force Works; Illuminati...  Marvel 5,673
Thor Thor (Donald Blake) hero deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Cosmic Avengers...  Marvel 4,362
Captain America Captain America (Steve Rogers) hero
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Redeemers; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992
Nick Fury Nick Fury hero
CBR Scale: U secular
black; S.H.I.E.L.D....  Marvel 1,898
Wolverine Wolverine (James Howlett / Logan) hero
CBR Scale: S raised Protestant; sometimes atheist; has practiced Buddhism; skeptical seeker
Alpha Flight; Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy...  Marvel 10,615
J. Jonah Jameson J. Jonah Jameson supporting character
CBR Scale: M hates Spider-Man
[Peter Parker's boss; Spider-Man's denouncer] Marvel 1,719
Black Widow Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) hero
CBR Scale: I Russian Orthodox Communist (lapsed)
Lady Liberators; Marvel Knights...  Marvel 1,789
Falcon Falcon (Sam Wilson) hero
CBR Scale: S Baptist
black; SHIELD Super-Agents...  Marvel 531
Iron Fist Iron Fist (Danny Rand) hero
CBR Scale: M Tibetan (K'un L'un) Buddhism
Heroes for Hire; Secret Defenders...  Marvel 672
S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D. supporting character group
  [government agency; intelligence agency...] Marvel 1,188
The Abomination The Abomination (Emil Blonsky) villain
CBR Scale: S Communist atheist
Home Base; KGB...  Marvel 180
Venom Venom (Eddie Brock) villain
CBR Scale: M Catholic
Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy; Sinister Six...  Marvel 416
Doctor Octopus Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius) villain hero scientist
  Sinister Six; The Masters of Evil...  Marvel 1,006
The Mandarin The Mandarin (Khan) villain scientist
  Asian; Mandarin's Minions...  Marvel 190
Rescue Pepper Potts supporting character hero
  The Order Marvel 324
The Symbiote
supporting character villain
CBR Scale: I alien; vengeance
[sentient black costume Spider-Man obtained on Battleworld] Marvel 16
The Avengers The Avengers
hero group
  [1st app: The Avengers (vol. 1) #1 (Sep. 1963)] Marvel 100
Chitauri Chitauri
villain group
CBR Scale: M Chitauri religion
[shape-shifting aliens; Ultimate U. offshoot of Skulls?]
Marvel 10
The Daily Bugle The Daily Bugle
supporting character group
  [major NYC newspaper; Peter Parker's employer] Marvel 699
Nick Fury, Jr. Nick Fury, Jr.
  black; S.H.I.E.L.D.... 
[Nick Fury's son]
Marvel 56
Stan Stan supporting character
  [street vendor] Marvel Productions Arc Productions 1
unnamed SHIELD sentry unnamed SHIELD sentry supporting character
  black; S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel Productions Arc Productions 1
unnamed SHIELD sentry unnamed SHIELD sentry supporting character
  S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel Productions Arc Productions 1
Patsy Patsy
supporting character based on a real person
[1 of 4 female co-hosts on daytime TV show like "The View"]
Marvel Productions Arc Productions 1
unnamed jogger unnamed jogger
supporting character
  [] Marvel Productions Arc Productions 1
Rosie O'Donnell Rosie O'Donnell
supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Catholic (raised); LGBT
[actress; comedian...]   1,476
Luke Cage Luke Cage
CBR Scale: I Christian (denomination
black; Heroes for Hire... 
[formerly owned a bar and theater]
Marvel 951
Norman Osborn Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)
CBR Scale: U manifestly non-religious
Cabal of Scrier (leader); Dark Avengers (leader)...  Marvel 417
Red Skull Red Skull (Johann Schmidt)
CBR Scale: D Nazi
Axis Mundi; HYDRA... 
[Captain America's arch-nemy]
Marvel 298
Klaw Klaw (Ulysses Klaw)
  A.I.M.; Fearsome Foursome...  Marvel 151
Drax the Destroyer Drax the Destroyer (Arthur Douglas)
  Guardians of the Galaxy; Infinity Watch...  Marvel 217
Gamora Gamora
CBR Scale: M Zen Whoberi; raised by nihilist
Graces; Guardians of the Galaxy...  Marvel 171
Star-Lord Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
CBR Scale: I religious
Guardians of the Galaxy; Imperial Guard Marvel 80
Rocket Raccoon Rocket Raccoon
CBR Scale: I uplifted animal
Guardians of the Galaxy; raccoon Marvel 73
Wizard Wizard (Bentley Wittman)
  Hood's Army; The Frightful Four (founder)...  Marvel 202
Trapster Trapster (Peter Petruski)
  Lethal Legion; The Frightful Four Marvel 176
Guardians of the Galaxy Guardians of the Galaxy
hero group
  [1st app: Marvel Super-Heroes (vol. 1) #18 (Jan. 1969)] Marvel 275
The Frightful Four The Frightful Four
villain group
  [1st app: Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #36 (Mar. 1965)] Marvel 141
supporting character deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
[Thor's father]
Marvel 307
The Fantastic Four The Fantastic Four
hero group
  [1st app: The Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #1 (Nov. 1961)] Marvel 100
The Defenders The Defenders
hero group
  [1st app: Marvel Feature (vol. 1) #1 (Dec. 1971)] Marvel 514

This film is also known as: Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload.

This 22-minute film premiered online in five parts on 5 November 2013. It may be thought of alternatively as a single short film or a 5-episode series.