The Avengers (vol. 1) #300 (Feb. 1989):
“Inferno <sup>2</sup>”
by Walt Simonson, John Buscema, Tom Palmer

The Avengers (vol. 1) #300

Title: “Inferno <sup>2</sup>”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Feb. 1989

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Walt Simonson
Art by: John Buscema, Tom Palmer

19 characters in this story:

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and his/her religious practice, affiliation, etc.)
Pub. #
The Captain (Steve Rogers) hero
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Redeemers; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992
Thor Thor (Donald Blake) hero deity
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic deity
Asgardian; Cosmic Avengers...  Marvel 4,362
Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) hero scientist
CBR Scale: SCBR Scale: I humanist; portrayed alternatively as explicitly believing in God and as atheist
Fantastic Five; Illuminati...  Marvel 4,661
Invisible Woman Invisible Woman (Susan Storm Richards) hero
CBR Scale: S Episcopalian
Lady Liberators; The Avengers...  Marvel 4,069
Gilgamesh Gilgamesh hero
CBR Scale: S Eternals religion
Eternals; The Avengers Marvel 51
Black Knight Black Knight (Dane Whitman) hero
CBR Scale: S Christian (medieval)
Excalibur; Heroes for Hire...  Marvel 430
Edwin Jarvis Edwin Jarvis supporting character
CBR Scale: U Anglican
The Avengers (staff) Marvel 669
Kang Kang (Nathaniel Richards) villain scientist
  Council of Kangs
[born in 31th century]
Marvel 274
Madelyne Pryor Goblin Queen (Madelyne Pryor) hero
  Berzerkers; The Hellfire Club Marvel 173
Franklin Richards Franklin Richards hero
CBR Scale: I Episcopalian
Daydreamers; Fantastic Five...  Marvel 650
demons demons villain group
CBR Scale: D demon
[generic unnamed demons] Marvel 2,000
S'ym S'ym villain
CBR Scale: D demon
[servant of Belasco, then Magik (Illyana)] Marvel 63
Cha'Sa'Dra villain deity
CBR Scale: M Lava Men religion (patron god); demon
[gave Lava Men their powers] Marvel 2
The Growing Man The Growing Man villain
CBR Scale: I N.A.
[stimuloid created by Kosmosians]
Marvel 18
Nanny villain scientist
  The Right Marvel 10
N'Astirh N'Astirh villain
CBR Scale: D demon; sorcerer
[leader of demons of Otherplace] Marvel 13
Orphan-Maker Orphan-Maker (Peter) villain
  [warrior] Marvel 6
The Silent Ones supporting character
CBR Scale: D Norse/Teutonic paganism
Rock Trolls
[Trolls of Isle of Silence]
Marvel 4
Aeneas Aeneas
hero deity
CBR Scale: D Greco-Roman deity
[1st app: Thor Annual #8 (Nov. 1979)] Marvel 2