Static #10 (Mar. 1994):
“Mystery Date”
by Robert L. Washington III, Brian O'Connell, Shawn Martinbrough

Static #10

Title: “Mystery Date”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Mar. 1994

Publisher: DC Milestone Media
Written by: Robert L. Washington III
Art by: Brian O'Connell, Shawn Martinbrough

10 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Static Static (Virgil Hawkins)
(lead character)
  black; Heroes...  DC Milestone Media 148
Rick Stone Rick Stone supporting character
Ernest Hemingway High School
[Static's longtime friend]
DC Milestone Media 82
Frieda Goren Frieda Goren supporting character
CBR Scale: S Jewish
[Static's girlfriend/partner] DC Milestone Media, etc. 74
Sandra Ervin Sandra Ervin supporting character
[mother of Rocket (Raquel Ervin)]
DC Milestone Media 10
Sharon Hawkins Sharon Hawkins supporting character
[Static's sister]
DC Milestone Media 61
Larry Wade Larry Wade supporting character
  black; Ernest Hemingway High School
[one of Static's best friends]
DC Milestone Media 22
Felix Felix supporting character
  Ernest Hemingway High School DC Milestone Media 12
Daisy Watkins Daisy Watkins supporting character
  black; Ernest Hemingway High School
[Static's girlfriend]
DC Milestone Media 41
Puff villain
  black; Hispanic
[Hispanic in comic; black in cartoon]
DC Milestone Media 9
Coil villain
  black DC Milestone Media 4

Summary (from

Virgil loses a role-playing game to Frieda and we get a glimpse of a comic that Virgil and his friends are working one. Frieda wins a bet and gets to tag along with Static on a patrol and sees the boy wonder in action. Virgil asks Daisy out on a date yet again and also confronts Larry about dating Frieda. Virgil finds out that Static has a secret admirer. Virgil gets his sister in trouble at her job. Static finds his secret admirer Puff and falls into a trap. He is captured by the villians, Puff and Coil.