Name: zombies

Other Names: The Undead; The Walking Dead; zonbi; nzumbe; zombi; zombie

Classification: villains villains   group group  

Publisher(s): DC Image Marvel Milestone Media Timely

First Appearance: Daring Mystery Comics #1 (Jan. 1940): "The Fantastic Thriller of the Walking Corpses"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (Marvel) Daring Mystery Comics #1 (Jan. 1940): "The Fantastic Thriller of the Walking Corpses"

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Creators: Joe Simon

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1,325

   Comic Book Appearances: 1,025

   TV, Film Appearances: 300

Type of Organization/Group: hidden race

Note: generic listing

Number of group members listed below: 2

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The Zombie Bears The Zombie Bears villain group
CBR Scale: DCBR Scale: I N.A.
bear; zombies
[subject of Robert's idea for a play]
McClintock High School 1
zombies zombies villain group
  [generic listing] Image DC, etc. 1,325


BELOW: Rick is firm in his belief that zombies should be killed; Hershel believes to do so may be murder: Rick Grimes has just learned that Hershel Greene has been keeping family members and neighbors who became zombies locked up in the farm's barn. Rick is shocked and argues with Hershel about it. Hershel is shocked to learn that Rick kills zombies. Hershel believes that doing so may be murder. He regards the the zombies as sick "people," while Rick believes that the people they were are dead, and that the zombies that remain are soulless monsters who should all be killed. An excerpt from their argument is shown here. Note how Hershel adamantly states he does not want to have "blood on his hands" if the zombies turn out to be sick people who are really alive. He is deeply concerned about not committing the sin of murder.

Rick is firm in his belief that zombies should be killed; Hershel believes to do so may be murder

Rick: I don't think I could live without my son... But you've got to listen to me, Hershel. That thing in your barn... It's not your son.

Hershel: Get your f---ing hand off me! Not my son?! What made you such a g--damn expert?! I don't know about you but the zombies around here didn't come with a f---ing instruction manual! We don't know a g--damn thing about them. We don't know what they're thinking--what they're feeling. We don't know if it's a disease or side effects of some kind of chemical warfare. We don't know sh--! For all we know these things could wake up tomorrow, heal up, and be completely normal again! We just don't know! You could have been murdering all those people you "put out of their misery."

Rick: They're dead. Before they get back up--before they try to eat you--they die. You said you saw your son die. He's dead. Those things are rotting corpses with pieces missing. They're not sick people... They're dead.

Hershel: Rick, listen. These things could be in the early stages of recovery. They could be healing... and that's why things aren't working right. This is all completely unknown to us. We've go no clue how to handle this. I don't want to have blood on my hands if we find out these people are alive.

Source: The Walking Dead #11 (Aug. 2004): "Miles Behind Us, Part 5", pg. 4, panels 1-5. Written by Robert Kirkman. Art by Charlie Adlard. See also: murder; sanctity of life; Rick Grimes; zombies; Hershel Greene

zombies zombies zombies zombies zombies zombies

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