Captain America (vol. 1) #212 (Aug. 1977):
“The Face of a Hero!”
by Jack Kirby, Mike Royer

Captain America (vol. 1) #212

Title: “The Face of a Hero!”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1977

Publisher: Marvel
Written by: Jack Kirby
Art by: Jack Kirby, Mike Royer

15 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Captain America Captain America (Steve Rogers)
(lead character)
CBR Scale: I Protestant
Redeemers; Secret Defenders...  Marvel Timely 5,992
S.H.I.E.L.D. S.H.I.E.L.D.
supporting character group
  [government agency; intelligence agency...] Marvel 1,188
Red Skull Red Skull (Johann Schmidt) villain
CBR Scale: D Nazi
Axis Mundi; HYDRA... 
[Captain America's arch-nemy]
Marvel 298
Agent 13 Agent 13 (Sharon Carter) supporting character hero
CBR Scale: S Christian (denomination
Femme Force; S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel 262
Arnim Zola Arnim Zola villain
CBR Scale: M Nazi
Skeleton Crew (ally) Marvel 73
Hate-Monger Nazi-X (Adolf Hitler (clone) villain based on a real person
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[1st app: Fantastic Four (vol. 1) #21 (Dec. 1963)] Marvel 27
Donna Maria Puentes Donna Maria Puentes supporting character
  Hispanic; The Avengers (staff)
[former rebel; cousin of Hector Santiago (Swine)]
Marvel 16
Falcon Falcon (Sam Wilson)
(only on cover) 
CBR Scale: S Baptist
black; SHIELD Super-Agents...  Marvel 531
Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler
(photo/picture/video, pg. 1-3, etc.) 
villain real/historical person
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[1st app: Uma Kaeru (1935)] Shochiku Kinema 1,593
Nazis Nazis
(mentioned, pg. 1, 4, 12) 
villain group real/historical person
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[generic WWII Nazis] Timely Marvel, etc. 4,222
The Devil The Devil (Satan)
(mentioned, pg. 12, panels 1, 3) 
villain real/historical person
CBR Scale: D Devil
[generic Satan/Devil reference or appearance] DC Marvel, etc. 1,024
Frankenstein's Monster Frankenstein's Monster
(mentioned, pg. 1, 5) 
  First Line; S.H.A.D.E.... 
[Uses name Frankenstein in tribute to his creator.]
Marvel DC 990
Victor Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein
(mentioned, pg. 1,5) 
supporting character
CBR Scale: S Lutheran
[creator of the Frankenstein Monster] Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones 156
Monsters from File 116 Monsters from File 116
(mentioned, pg. 5, panel 2) 
CBR Scale: R N.A.
[genetically engineered monster created by Arnim Zola] Marvel 2
Cyrus Fenton
(mentioned, pg. 5, panel 2) 
supporting character
  [wealthy man killed, impersonated by Red Skull] Marvel 4