Static #3 (Aug. 1993):
“Pounding the Pavement”
by Robert L. Washington III, Dwayne McDuffie, John Paul Leon, Steve Mitchell

Static #3

Title: “Pounding the Pavement”

Medium: comic

Cover date: Aug. 1993

Publisher: DC Milestone Media
Written by: Robert L. Washington III, Dwayne McDuffie
Art by: John Paul Leon, Steve Mitchell

11 characters in this story:

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Pub. #
Static Static (Virgil Hawkins)
(lead character)
  black; Heroes...  DC Milestone Media 148
Rick Stone Rick Stone supporting character
Ernest Hemingway High School
[Static's longtime friend]
DC Milestone Media 82
Frieda Goren Frieda Goren supporting character
CBR Scale: S Jewish
[Static's girlfriend/partner] DC Milestone Media, etc. 74
Holocaust Holocaust (Leonard Smalls) villain
  black; Blood Syndicate...  DC Milestone Media 43
Sandra Ervin Sandra Ervin supporting character
[mother of Rocket (Raquel Ervin)]
DC Milestone Media 10
Sharon Hawkins Sharon Hawkins supporting character
[Static's sister]
DC Milestone Media 61
Larry Wade Larry Wade supporting character
  black; Ernest Hemingway High School
[one of Static's best friends]
DC Milestone Media 22
5-Alarm Crew villain group
[gang led by Hotstreak]
DC Milestone Media 7
Chuck Kane Chuck Kane supporting character
  Ernest Hemingway High School DC Milestone Media 8
Tarmack Tarmack (Charles Bell) villain
  [henchman; mercenary] DC Milestone Media 14
Ernest Hemingway Ernest Hemingway
supporting character real/historical person
CBR Scale: S Congregationalist (raised); Catholic (convert)
[met time-travelling Wolverine] DC Milestone Media, etc. 41

Summary (from

Static does some damage control of a war zone. Virgil then goes to his job as a dishwasher, but is called by Frieda saying someone is tearing up the neighborhood looking fir Static. His boss, Ms. Ervins (Rocket's mom), threatens to fire him when he leaves. Static doesn't find the rampaging person, but learns that his name is Tarmack. Static and Tarmack finally face off. They fight to a draw. Tarmack challenges him again and we get a taste of Virgil's wit as he devises and follows through with a plan to take out Tarmack. Then he meets Tarmack's boss, Holocaust.