Citizen V (Helmut Zemo)

Citizen V
Helmut Zemo

Religion: not determined yet

Name: Citizen V

Alter Ego: Helmut Zemo

Other Names: Baron Zemo; Baron Zemo II; Phoenix; Iron Cross; Iron Cross III; "Mark Evanier"; the Thirteenth Baron Zemo

Classification: villain villain   hero hero  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: Captain America (vol. 1) #168 (Dec. 1973): "...And a Phoenix Shall Arise!"

First Appearance (Additional Details): (as Phoenix) Captain America (vol. 1) #168 (Dec. 1973): "...And a Phoenix Shall Arise!"; (as Baron Zemo) Captain America (vol. 1) #275 (Nov. 1982): "Yesterday's Shadows!"; (as Citizen V) The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #449 (Jan. 1997): "Brakoow"

Creators: Tony Isabella, Sal Buscema, John Tartaglione, George Roussos

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 142

   Comic Book Appearances: 141

   TV, Film Appearances: 1

Teams/Affiliations: Redeemers; The Masters of Evil; The Thunderbolts; Thunderbolts (Counter-Earth)

Occupation: criminal mastermind, entrepreneur

Nation: Germany

Birth Place: Leipzig, Germany

Race: white

Gender: male

The super-adhesive polymer known as "Adhesive X" was created by Baron Helmut Zemo. This polymer is best known as the substance used by Zemo's ally the Trapster.

On the world known as "Counter-Earth," which was created by Franklin Richards in the aftermath of the Onslaught crisis, an alternative version of Helmut Zemo was known as "Iron Cross." He was the member of the Thunderbolts of Counter-Earth, under the leadership of his father, Baron Heinrich Zemo. The other members of that team (Phantom Eagle, Chain Lightning, Makeshift and Solarr) were apparently not direct analogues of regular Earth characters.

This character is in the following 124 stories which have been indexed by this website:
Avengers / Thunderbolts
The Avengers (vol. 1) #276 (Feb. 1987): "Revenge"
The Avengers and the Thunderbolts (1998)
Avengers Finale #1 (Jan. 2005) (1-panel cameo)
Captain America / Citizen V Annual '98 (Dec. 1998): "For Victory ... Again!" (lead character)
Captain America
Captain America and the Falcon (vol. 1) #13 (May 2005): "American Psycho, Part 1" (hallucination)
Captain America: The Legend #1 (Sep. 1996)
Citizen V and the V-Battalion #3 (Aug. 2001): "From a Whisper to a Scream" (lead character)
Civil War: Battle Damage Report #1 (Mar. 2007)
Dark Avengers #3 (May 2009) (1-panel cameo)
Dark Reign Files #1 (Apr. 2009)
Heroes for Hire (vol. 1) #1 (July 1997): "Heroes and Villains" (1-panel cameo)
The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2) #449 (Jan. 1997): "Brakoow"
Marvel Comics Presents (vol. 1) #2 (Mid-Sep. 1988): "Cold War" (cameo)
Marvel Fanfare (vol. 1) #34 (Sep. 1987): "Mignola Villain Portfolio"
New Thunderbolts
Secret Wars II #7 (Jan. 1986): "Charge of the Dark Brigade!"
Tales of the Marvel Universe #1 (Feb. 1997): "Thunderbolts"
Thunderbolts Prelude #1 (Jan. 1997): "Brakoow"
Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual '97 (1997): "It's Always Darkest..." (cameo)

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