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1769 publishers listed

01 Entertainment12 characters 1 source
101-Bison1 character 1 source
12 Angry Monkeys Press1 character 1 source
12 Gauge Comics3 characters 4 sources
2000 AD19 characters 
20th Century Fox127 characters 30 sources
20th Century Fox Television54 characters 24 sources
21st Century Film Corporation57 characters 1 source
2House Productions 1 source
2S Films 1 source
32Ten Studios11 characters 2 sources
360ep1 character 
3DD Productions1 character 1 source
40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks1 character 1 source
7 Fluid Oz. Productions8 characters 1 source
A Friend of Yours Productions4 characters 1 source
A Thorn in the Pew1 character 1 source
A Uniao2 characters 2 sources
A&M Films 2 sources
A-Train Films1 character 1 source
A. C. McClurg2 characters 1 source
A. Roman & Company 1 source
A. Shane Company 1 source
A.C. Comics27 characters 14 sources
a.k.a. Comics1 character 1 source
AAA Pop13 characters 2 sources
Aafa-Film AG1 character 1 source
Aardvark-Vanaheim23 characters 14 sources
Abacus Comics1 character 
ABC717 characters 207 sources
ABC Circle Films1 character 
ABC Family4 characters 2 sources
ABC Kids (Australia)1 character 1 source
ABC Motion Pictures1 character 1 source
ABC Weekend Television3 characters 3 sources
Abramoff Production 1 source
ABS-CBN1 character 1 source
Abstract Studio3 characters 1 source
Academie Imperiale des Sciences de Saint Petersbourg1 character 1 source
Acclaim60 characters 33 sources
Ace Books9 characters 3 sources
Ace Magazines12 characters 22 sources
Ace Publications1 character 1 source
Acorn Media 2 sources
Activision 1 source
Adhesive Press1 character 1 source
ADM Films Department - DEANTIR1 character 1 source
Adult Swim2 characters 1 source
Adversary Comix1 character 1 source
Afri-Comics1 character 1 source
Africa World Press1 character 
African Prince Productions2 characters 1 source
After Shock Comics2 characters 1 source
Afterburn10 characters 1 source
Aircel5 characters 1 source
AK Comics1 character 1 source
Akita Shoten3 characters 
Alchemy Texts 1 source
Alcon Entertainment3 characters 4 sources
Alderac Entertainment Group3 characters 1 source
Alexander and Ilya Salkind Productions7 characters 3 sources
Alfred A. Knopf12 characters 4 sources
Alias Enterprises4 characters 4 sources
Alien Productions1 character 1 source
Allan King Associates1 character 1 source
Alliance Films 1 source
Allied Artists Pictures1 character 1 source
Alpay Film1 character 1 source
Alpha Productions 4 sources
Alpha-Omega21 characters 19 sources
Altamira1 character 
Alterna Comics 1 source
Alternative Education Project1 character 
Alvin Theatre 1 source
Amalgam2 characters 3 sources
Amalgamated Producing Corporation6 characters 1 source
Amazing Stories1 character 
Amber Entertainment 1 source
Ambience Entertainment 1 source
Amblin Entertainment4 characters 5 sources
America's Best Comics49 characters 7 sources
American Comics Group3 characters 2 sources
American Film Institute1 character 1 source
American Film Producers Inc.1 character 1 source
American International Pictures1 character 1 source
American Movie Classics63 characters 11 sources
American Mule Entertainment4 characters 1 source
American Mutoscope & Biograph2 characters 2 sources
American Public Television1 character 1 source
American Publishing Company2 characters 1 source
American Zoetrope 1 source
Ammon1 character 1 source
Anabasis N.V.1 character 
Anchor Bay Entertainment1 character 
Andrew Lang1 character 
Andrew Wise1 character 1 source
Andrews McMeel Publishing3 characters 
Andy Warhol Museum 1 source
Ang Lee Productions 1 source
Angry Films 1 source
Animax 1 source
Annapurna Pictures2 characters 1 source
Another Dream1 character 1 source
Anouchka Films2 characters 1 source
Antarctic Press73 characters 13 sources
Apache Communications2 characters 1 source
Ape Entertainment3 characters 4 sources
APJAC Productions1 character 1 source
Apple 1 source
Approbation Comics2 characters 2 sources
AracnoSpawn1 character 1 source
Arbor House1 character 1 source
Arc Productions5 characters 1 source
Arc Technology Group1 character 
Arcade1 character 
Arcana Studio36 characters 25 sources
Archibald Constable and Company17 characters 2 sources
Archie134 characters 185 sources
Archie Adventure Series18 characters 66 sources
Arcola Pictures 1 source
Areia Hostil1 character 1 source
Aria Press3 characters 1 source
Arkham Comics1 character 1 source
Arkham House2 characters 1 source
Armada1 character 1 source
Arnoldo Mondadori Editore1 character 
Arrow1 character 
Art et Cinema1 character 1 source
Artery Comics Studios1 character 
Artisan Entertainment1 character 
Artistry Limited 1 source
Arts & Entertainment Video1 character 1 source
Arts Council of Great Britain1 character 1 source
Aspen MLT4 characters 1 source
Aspen Productions1 character 
Assemblies of God3 characters 2 sources
Associated British Corporation5 characters 2 sources
Associated First National Pictures1 character 1 source
Associated Television1 character 3 sources
Astonish Comics13 characters 3 sources
Astorina6 characters 1 source
Astounding Stories2 characters 1 source
Asylum Press2 characters 2 sources
AT&T1 character 1 source
Atadeniz Film2 characters 1 source
Atari1 character 1 source
Athos Films1 character 1 source
Atlantic 1 source
Atlantic Theater Company11 characters 1 source
Atlantis Studios1 character 
Atlas223 characters 584 sources
Atlas Comics2 characters 5 sources
Atlas Television Corporation1 character 1 source
Atomeka Press2 characters 1 source
Atomic Cartoons2 characters 1 source
Atomic Pharaoh Comics1 character 1 source
Australian Broadcasting Corporation1 character 6 sources
Automat Pictures1 character 1 source
Avalanche Entertainment1 character 
Avatar Press29 characters 10 sources
Avco Broadcasting1 character 1 source
Avenging Conscience2 characters 1 source
Avernus Comics1 character 1 source
Avon Publications3 characters 2 sources
Award Books1 character 1 source
Awesome Entertainment8 characters 2 sources
Azteca Productions3 characters 5 sources
B-Minus Comiks1 character 1 source
Bad Robot Productions13 characters 3 sources
Baen Books8 characters 
BAF Berlin Animation Film 1 source
Baker & Taylor Company1 character 1 source
Baker's Plays1 character 
Ballantine Books4 characters 1 source
Bandai1 character 
Bandido1 character 1 source
Bantam Books10 characters 
Bard Entertainment 1 source
Bariso Films1 character 1 source
Basement Comics3 characters 1 source
Basic Pictures4 characters 1 source
Bat Sheva Wachtfogel1 character 1 source
Battlebooks Incorporated 1 source
Bavaria Film1 character 1 source
Bazmark Films 1 source
BBC42 characters 48 sources
BBC Birmingham1 character 1 source
BBC Films3 characters 2 sources
Bedford-Stuyvesant Underground Press6 characters 1 source
Beenox 1 source
Bel Air Entertainment 1 source
Belasco Theatre1 character 1 source
Bell Features9 characters 11 sources
Bell Syndicate 1 source
Benjamin Motte2 characters 1 source
Benjamin Tabart5 characters 2 sources
Bennet, Coleman & Co.2 characters 
Berkley Books52 characters 10 sources
Berkley Publishing Group3 characters 1 source
Bernard Lintott2 characters 1 source
Beta 3 Comics4 characters 1 source
Bethesda Softworks 1 source
Better Publications6 characters 4 sources
BHE Films 1 source
Bheeshm International1 character 1 source
Bibliotheque Rose1 character 1 source
Big Balloon1 character 
Big Bang1 character 1 source
Big Bear Films1 character 1 source
Big Boy Restaurants2 characters 1 source
Big City Comics1 character 
Big Dog Ink3 characters 1 source
Big Entertainment2 characters 2 sources
Big Finish Productions4 characters 1 source
Big Umbrella1 character 
Bijou Opera House 1 source
Bill Pearson1 character 
Bison Motion Pictures1 character 1 source
Black Flame1 character 
Black Ops Entertainment1 character 1 source
Black Swan Studios1 character 1 source
Blackthorne Publishing7 characters 1 source
Bleak House2 characters 1 source
Block 2 Pictures2 characters 1 source
Blogger2 characters 1 source
Blogspot2 characters 2 sources
Bloomsbury Publishing2 characters 1 source
Blue Line Pro1 character 
Blue Sky Press2 characters 1 source
Blue Tongue Entertainment25 characters 1 source
Blue Water Productions6 characters 6 sources
Bluefields Entertainment6 characters 1 source
Bob Banner Associates2 characters 2 sources
Bob Burden Productions Press 1 source
Bob West Graphics4 characters 
The Boethos Group1 character 1 source
Bongo Comics22 characters 5 sources
Bonne Presse1 character 1 source
Boom! Studios46 characters 15 sources
Boulevard Books1 character 
Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade2 characters 1 source
Brace Cove Productions6 characters 2 sources
Brain Scan Studios 1 source
Brandenberg2 characters 
Bravura6 characters 3 sources
Breakthrough Films & Television2 characters 1 source
Bridge Productions1 character 1 source
Brillstein-Grey Entertainment20 characters 1 source
British & Dominions Film Corp.1 character 1 source
British Film Institute1 character 
BroadSword3 characters 
Broadway7 characters 2 sources
Brookwood Publications1 character 
Brown Shoe Company1 character 
Brown-Forman Corporation1 character 
Bruce Hershensen1 character 
Bruce-Royal Publishing1 character 1 source
Buena Vista13 characters 4 sources
Burlyman Entertainment3 characters 2 sources
Bygone Productions1 character 1 source
Byron Preiss Multimedia3 characters 1 source
C-2 Pictures1 character 1 source
C. A. Reitzel1 character 1 source
C. Arthur Pearson2 characters 1 source
C.B.C. Film Sales Corp1 character 1 source
Caka Film1 character 1 source
Caliber Press34 characters 5 sources
Cambium 1 source
Campbell Soup 1 source
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation4 characters 5 sources
Canongate Books2 characters 1 source
Capa Cizgiroman Grubu1 character 1 source
Capcom5 characters 
Capella International1 character 1 source
Capital Comics11 characters 6 sources
Capital Radio2 characters 
Capitol Records3 characters 1 source
CaraMar1 character 1 source
Carano Graphics1 character 1 source
Caravan Pictures3 characters 1 source
Cardinal 1 source
Carlsen1 character 
Carolco Pictures2 characters 1 source
Cartoon Books29 characters 13 sources
Cartoon Network23 characters 8 sources
Casa Editrice Dardo2 characters 1 source
Cassell & Company4 characters 3 sources
Casterman5 characters 2 sources
Castle Rock Entertainment1 character 1 source
Cathedral Films4 characters 1 source
Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee1 character 1 source
CBS327 characters 110 sources
CDS Books1 character 1 source
Celebrity Productions5 characters 5 sources
Centaur Press1 character 
Centaur Publications13 characters 8 sources
Central Motion Pictures 1 source
Central Productions1 character 1 source
Centropolis Entertainment4 characters 1 source
The Century Company2 characters 2 sources
Champion Film Company1 character 1 source
Chance Enterprises2 characters 1 source
Channel 4 (UK)1 character 1 source
Channel Four Films1 character 1 source
Chanting Monks Press1 character 1 source
Chaos! Comics7 characters 4 sources
Chapman & Hall2 characters 1 source
Charles Band Productions16 characters 1 source
Charles D. Hornig 1 source
Charles Perrault7 characters 1 source
Charles Wiley1 character 1 source
Charlton82 characters 44 sources
Charter Entertainment11 characters 1 source
Charter Features Corporation1 character 1 source
Cherry Lane Theatre14 characters 1 source
Chet Fenster & Dan Simon1 character 1 source
Chicago Grand Opera16 characters 1 source
Chicago Times1 character 
Chicago Tribune Syndicate5 characters 
Children's Television Workshop3 characters 4 sources
China Entertainment Films Production7 characters 1 source
Chiodo Brothers Productions1 character 1 source
Christian Knight Comics21 characters 4 sources
Chronicles of America Pictures1 character 2 sources
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints1 character 8 sources
Cinar 1 source
Cine-Alliance1 character 1 source
Cineanimadores6 characters 
Cinecentrum N.V.1 character 1 source
Cinecom Pictures1 character 1 source
CineGroupe4 characters 2 sources
Cinema Center 100 Productions 1 source
Cinema Shares International Distribution1 character 1 source
Cinemarque Entertainment BV1 character 1 source
Cinerama Productions1 character 1 source
Cinergi Pictures Entertainment 2 sources
Cineriz1 character 1 source
Clarendon1 character 13 sources
Clarendon Press1 character 
Claypool4 characters 1 source
Clayton Publications4 characters 
Cliffhanger52 characters 11 sources
Clokey Productions2 characters 3 sources
CNN2 characters 1 source
Co-operative Cinematograph 1 source
Cob Film1 character 1 source
College Hill Pictures1 character 
Collier Books1 character 
Collins5 characters 5 sources
Collins Clear Type Press 1 source
Colonial Distributors4 characters 6 sources
Columbia Associates1 character 
Columbia Pictures74 characters 33 sources
Columbia Records3 characters 1 source
Com.x1 character 
Comedy Central22 characters 4 sources
Comely Comix5 characters 2 sources
Comic Art Publishers1 character 
Comic Cavalcade 1 source
Comic Comp2 characters 
Comic Magazine Company1 character 
Comicbook Artists' Guild1 character 1 source
Comicfix1 character 
Comico31 characters 7 sources
Comics Magazine Company1 character 2 sources
ComicsOne1 character 1 source
ComicSpace1 character 1 source
Comiqueando Press1 character 1 source
Commercial Signs of Canada4 characters 6 sources
Committed Comics1 character 3 sources
Community Comics1 character 1 source
Concorde-New Horizons1 character 
Conde Nast5 characters 1 source
Connolly Middle School32 characters 1 source
Continuity2 characters 
Cool Comics2 characters 
Cooperativa Brado Retumbante1 character 
Copious Amounts Press1 character 1 source
Corbeau5 characters 
Corgi Books4 characters 1 source
Cornelius S. Van Winkle3 characters 2 sources
Cort Theatre1 character 1 source
Coscom Entertainment1 character 1 source
Cosgrove Hall Films2 characters 
Coward-McCann1 character 1 source
CP Medien AG2 characters 1 source
Crave Entertainment17 characters 1 source
Crayon Animation 1 source
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1 source
Creators Syndicate4 characters 
Creators Universe2 characters 
Cricket Comics 1 source
Criterion Games 1 source
CrossGen14 characters 7 sources
Crowell Publishing1 character 
Crown 1 source
Crusade1 character 
Cry for Dawn Productions2 characters 1 source
Cryptic Studios25 characters 1 source
Culanu1 character 
Cult Fiction2 characters 1 source
Curtis Magazines17 characters 8 sources
Curtis Publishing Company1 character 2 sources
The CW2 characters 
Cyber Age Adventures1 character 1 source
Cybercomix1 character 
D. Appleton and Company6 characters 1 source
D. Lothrop and Company 1 source
D.C. Thomson & Co.2 characters 1 source
D.W. Griffith Productions1 character 1 source
Dabel Brothers16 characters 3 sources
Daewon C.I.9 characters 4 sources
Daiei Studios1 character 1 source
Daim Press 1 source
Daiwon C.I.1 character 
Dakuwaka Productions5 characters 4 sources
Dania Cinematografica1 character 1 source
Danmarks Radio1 character 1 source
Dardo1 character 1 source
Dargaud1 character 1 source
Dark Angel Productions1 character 1 source
Dark Elf Designs1 character 1 source
Dark Horse226 characters 107 sources
Dark Horse Entertainment34 characters 2 sources
Dark Vision Comics1 character 
Darkchylde Entertainment2 characters 
Darren Clarke1 character 
Dateline Memphis1 character 
David Mckay Publications6 characters 1 source
David Robertson1 character 1 source
David Rutledge1 character 
Davis Publications, Inc. 1 source
Davis-Panzer Productions13 characters 7 sources
DC8917 characters 6354 sources
DC Entertainment2 characters 3 sources
De Harmonie3 characters 1 source
De Persgroep1 character 1 source
Deadline Publications1 character 1 source
Dean & Son 1 source
Death Ray Graphics2 characters 1 source
Deb Sahitya Kutir1 character 1 source
Decje Novine1 character 1 source
Decode Entertainment6 characters 10 sources
Deep-Sea Comics1 character 1 source
Del Rey9 characters 1 source
Delacorte Press2 characters 2 sources
Dell99 characters 30 sources
Delphi Films3 characters 
Dennis Publishing2 characters 1 source
DENTSU Music And Entertainment 2 sources
DePatie-Freleng Enterprises26 characters 14 sources
Der Kinderbuchverlag Berlin1 character 1 source
Derby and Miller1 character 1 source
Derby, Orton and Mulligan1 character 1 source
Desilu Productions20 characters 29 sources
Desperado Publishing5 characters 3 sources
Deutscher Film Vertrieb1 character 1 source
Devil's Due Publishing21 characters 16 sources
Dewlap Divers Productions1 character 1 source
Di Bonaventura Pictures 1 source
Dial Press2 characters 1 source
Dial R Studios1 character 1 source
Diamond10 characters 1 source
The Diamondback4 characters 1 source
Dian Rakyat Publishing1 character 
DIC Entertainment3 characters 1 source
Diehard Studio2 characters 1 source
Digital Webbing7 characters 4 sources
Dimestore Productions1 character 
Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica 3 sources
Dino De Laurentiis Communications 1 source
Disney Channel2 characters 2 sources
Disney Comics31 characters 
Disney Interactive 1 source
Distant Horizons1 character 
Divina-Film 1 source
DMG Entertainment2 characters 1 source
Do Gooder Press8 characters 7 sources
Dolmen Ediciones6 characters 
Don Cornelius Productions1 character 1 source
Don Lawrence Collection1 character 
Don Simpson1 character 1 source
Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.4 characters 2 sources
Dongwon Industries1 character 
Doordarshan3 characters 1 source
Dork Storm Press12 characters 7 sources
Doubleday34 characters 12 sources
Douglas Fairbanks Theater7 characters 
Dover Publications1 character 
Dow Jones & Company1 character 
Down Comix1 character 
Drawn and Quarterly1 character 
Dreamwave Productions1 character 
DreamWorks11 characters 6 sources
DrunkDuck7 characters 
Duckworth & Co.1 character 1 source
Duke of York's Theatre3 characters 1 source
DuMont Television Network5 characters 2 sources
Dune Entertainment3 characters 2 sources
Dupuis Publishing3 characters 
Dynamic3 characters 3 sources
Dynamic Forces10 characters 1 source
Dynamite Entertainment80 characters 39 sources
DZRH2 characters 1 source
E!1 character 
E. Levy Publishing1 character 
E. Niwas Productions1 character 
EA Black Box 1 source
Eagle1 character 
Ealing Studios 2 sources
Ec2 characters 1 source
Eclipse55 characters 18 sources
ECV Press2 characters 
Eddie Campbell2 characters 
Edifumetto9 characters 5 sources
Ediperiodici6 characters 4 sources
Edison Manufacturing Company3 characters 4 sources
Edition Francaise Cinematographique1 character 1 source
Editions Lug1 character 1 source
Editora Abril2 characters 
Editora Escala1 character 
Editora HQM1 character 
Editora JBC6 characters 
Editora Jotaesse1 character 1 source
Editora Taika2 characters 2 sources
Editorial America1 character 
Editorial Cepsa1 character 1 source
Editorial Novaro2 characters 
Editorial Valenciana1 character 2 sources
Editoriale Corno4 characters 
Editors Press Service1 character 2 sources
Edizioni Araldo1 character 1 source
Edizioni Del Vascello1 character 1 source
Educational Film Exchanges3 characters 1 source
Educational Pictures4 characters 
Educational Projects of Montreal1 character 1 source
Egmont17 characters 5 sources
Eiken1 character 
El Comercio1 character 1 source
El Ojo Mago 1 source
El Salto Comics1 character 1 source
Electric Comics1 character 
Electronic Arts36 characters 3 sources
Elliot Publishing3 characters 1 source
The Emery Weal2 characters 
Empire Software1 character 1 source
Emporio Armani1 character 1 source
Enix1 character 1 source
Entity2 characters 1 source
Eon Productions 4 sources
Epic45 characters 18 sources
EPIX 1 source
Eros Films Ltd.2 characters 
Erregi1 character 
ESPN2 characters 1 source
Esquire, Inc.2 characters 1 source
Essanay Film Manufacturing Company1 character 2 sources
Estudio Cygnus2 characters 1 source
Estudio Zine Brasil1 character 
Eternal Word Television Network 1 source
Eternity37 characters 26 sources
Eugene O’Neill Theater Center1 character 1 source
EuropaCorp4 characters 1 source
European Union4 characters 1 source
Evening Standard Ltd1 character 1 source
Event Comics252 characters 44 sources
Everest Entertainment6 characters 2 sources
Evil Twin Comics4 characters 1 source
Evolution Comics 1 source
The Examiner 1 source
Exclusive Media4 characters 1 source
Experimenter Publishing1 character 1 source
Extreme Studios19 characters 8 sources
F. Paggi2 characters 1 source
Faber and Faber Inc.3 characters 3 sources
Fabio Yabu5 characters 1 source
Fablehaus Studio1 character 1 source
Fairview Entertainment1 character 1 source
Falstaff Comedies3 characters 1 source
Family Circle Publications1 character 1 source
Famous Players-Lasky Corporation2 characters 2 sources
Famous Studios8 characters 9 sources
Fantagraphics6 characters 3 sources
Fantasy Games Unlimited3 characters 1 source
Farrar, Straus and Giroux27 characters 2 sources
Fawcett105 characters 38 sources
Federated Film Exchange1 character 1 source
Feinberg Amusement Corp.1 character 1 source
Felix Kyngston2 characters 1 source
Fiasco Comics5 characters 5 sources
Fiction House3 characters 2 sources
Fiction Wikia3 characters 1 source
Field Enterprises1 character 1 source
Film d'Arte Italiana 1 source
Film Roman Productions3 characters 3 sources
Film Studios of Chicago1 character 1 source
Film Workshop3 characters 1 source
Filmation19 characters 4 sources
FilmDistrict3 characters 1 source
Filmirage1 character 1 source
FilmNation Entertainment5 characters 1 source
Films Kaminsky1 character 1 source
Finarco1 character 1 source
Fine Art Pictures1 character 1 source
Fine Arts Film Company 1 source
The Finnegan Company19 characters 1 source
Finnegan-Pinchuk Company1 character 
Fireman Press1 character 1 source
Fireside Books10 characters 1 source
First Comics53 characters 22 sources
First Funnies, Inc.3 characters 1 source
First National Pictures1 character 
First Salvo9 characters 2 sources
Fishwrap Productions4 characters 1 source
Five Star1 character 1 source
Fleetway27 characters 19 sources
Fleischer Studios5 characters 3 sources
Fleming H. Revell Company1 character 1 source
Flower Films1 character 1 source
Flypaper Press1 character 
Food Network Canada 1 source
Ford Motor Company 1 source
Foruli Publications1 character 
Forward Pass1 character 
Fotonovel Publications 1 source
Fox Family Channel4 characters 2 sources
Fox Feature Syndicate7 characters 11 sources
Fox Film Corporation1 character 2 sources
Fox Kids4 characters 1 source
Fox Searchlight Pictures15 characters 5 sources
Fox TV54 characters 11 sources
Fragile Films 2 sources
France 21 character 1 source
Frank A. Munsey Co.5 characters 3 sources
Frank Communale1 character 
Franz Seitz Filmproduktion 1 source
Fred Wolf Films1 character 1 source
Frederick Warne & Co.2 characters 2 sources
Frew Comics1 character 
Friedrich Arnold Brockhaus1 character 1 source
Fuji Television1 character 
Full Stop Media1 character 
Funk-O-Tron2 characters 1 source
Future Publications 1 source
FX1 character 1 source
Fying Tiger Press1 character 1 source
G. P. Putnam's Sons5 characters 3 sources
G.M.F. Productions1 character 1 source
Gainax1 character 
Galaxy Films 1 source
Gamma Productions2 characters 1 source
Gaumont2 characters 5 sources
Gaumont Television13 characters 7 sources
Gauntlet25 characters 1 source
Gaylord Productions1 character 1 source
Geffen Company1 character 1 source
GEICO1 character 1 source
Geillustreerde Pers1 character 1 source
Gemstone1 character 
Geneon Entertainment 5 sources
General Entertainment1 character 
General Film Company1 character 1 source
General Jack Cosmo Productions1 character 1 source
General Mills5 characters 1 source
George Albert Smith Films 1 source
George Allen & Unwin1 character 1 source
George M. Hill Company8 characters 1 source
George Newnes Books2 characters 1 source
Georges Melies3 characters 3 sources
GEP Productions1 character 
Gerald G. Swan1 character 
Geronimo Press1 character 
gG3 characters 
Gilberton2 characters 1 source
Ginger Rabbit Studio14 characters 1 source
Girgir1 character 
GK Films29 characters 2 sources
Gladstone7 characters 
Glaxo8 characters 1 source
Glen A. Larson Productions4 characters 2 sources
Glenat3 characters 1 source
Glenn Lord 1 source
Global Television Network1 character 1 source
Globe Communications1 character 
Globe Theatre 1 source
GlyphX Games1 character 
GMA Network2 characters 2 sources
Gnome Press1 character 2 sources
Gold Key77 characters 4 sources
Goldcrest Films2 characters 1 source
Golden Book5 characters 1 source
Golden Book Video 1 source
Golden Echo Films 1 source
Golden Harvest Company1 character 
Golden Princess Film Production Limited1 character 1 source
Goldwyn Distributing Company 2 sources
Gollancz1 character 
Gone Ballistik1 character 1 source
Gonzo1 character 1 source
Google Inc.1 character 1 source
Gordon & Co.1 character 1 source
Gospel Communications International1 character 1 source
Gosselin3 characters 1 source
Gotham Entertainment Group2 characters 
Government of West Bengal2 characters 
Gracie Films4 characters 1 source
Grafton 1 source
Granada Television3 characters 3 sources
Grand Central Publishing3 characters 1 source
Grant3 characters 2 sources
Graphic Smash2 characters 1 source
Grasinda1 character 
Graton Editeur1 character 
Greg Hyland1 character 1 source
Griot Enterprises1 character 1 source
Grosset & Dunlap4 characters 3 sources
Grosvenor Park Productions 1 source
The Groundlings1 character 1 source
Group TAC 1 source
Group W Productions1 character 1 source
Grove Press1 character 2 sources
Grupo Visuart2 characters 1 source
GTG Entertainment1 character 1 source
Guardian18 characters 4 sources
Guardians of Order1 character 
Guild Works Productions3 characters 3 sources
Haaretz Group1 character 1 source
Haaretz Shelanu1 character 
Hachette Editions1 character 1 source
Hal Roach Studios 1 source
Hall of Heroes1 character 1 source
Hammer Film Productions2 characters 1 source
Hanna-Barbera42 characters 21 sources
Harmony Gold1 character 
Harper & Brothers2 characters 1 source
Harper & Publishers1 character 1 source
Harper & Row1 character 1 source
HarperCollins5 characters 3 sources
Harrier Comics2 characters 
Harris Publications7 characters 5 sources
Harry A. Chesler1 character 1 source
Hartbreak Films 1 source
Harvard University1 character 1 source
Harvest Entertainment1 character 1 source
Harvey140 characters 88 sources
Harvey Pekar Comics3 characters 2 sources
Hasbro34 characters 5 sources
Haxan Films1 character 1 source
HB Comics1 character 1 source
HBO3 characters 2 sources
Head Press 1 source
Hearst Corporation3 characters 1 source
Helix1 character 1 source
Helnit1 character 1 source
Hemdale Film Corporation8 characters 1 source
Henchman Publishing7 characters 7 sources
Henry Colburn1 character 2 sources
Henry Holt and Company2 characters 1 source
Henry W. Derby1 character 1 source
Herald Pub. Co.1 character 1 source
Herbert Wilcox Productions1 character 1 source
Hero Comics2 characters 
Hero Games5 characters 1 source
Hero Graphics2 characters 
Hero Initiative 2 sources
Hero Machine1 character 
Heroic Publishing3 characters 1 source
Herschell Gordon Lewis Productions1 character 1 source
Het Laatste Nieuws1 character 
Hexagon1 character 
Hillborough Studios2 characters 1 source
Hillman Publications4 characters 1 source
History Channel1 character 
Hjemmet Serieforlaget1 character 
Hodder & Stoughton3 characters 2 sources
Hollywood Pictures3 characters 3 sources
Hollywood Rivera Studios5 characters 1 source
Holt GWS LLC 1 source
Holt, Rinehart and Winston 1 source
Holy Comics4 characters 1 source
Holyoke4 characters 4 sources
Homage17 characters 3 sources
The Honolulu Advertiser1 character 1 source
Hope Enterprises1 character 1 source
Hope Street Entertainment2 characters 1 source
Horace L. Lawson1 character 1 source
Houghton Mifflin4 characters 4 sources
Hoventin Films Production1 character 1 source
HTV2 characters 1 source
Hulton Press2 characters 1 source
Human Art Studio2 characters 1 source
Hutchinson1 character 
Hyperion Pictures 27 sources
Hyperion Studios2 characters 1 source
I Books1 character 1 source
I.C.E. Studios3 characters 
ibooks1 character 
Iced Tea Productions1 character 
Icon12 characters 4 sources
Idea Press 1 source
Ideal Toy Company4 characters 2 sources
IDW Publishing34 characters 11 sources
If Edizioni1 character 
iHero Entertainment1 character 
Illumination Entertainment2 characters 2 sources
Image771 characters 300 sources
Image Entertainment8 characters 3 sources
Impact30 characters 115 sources
Impact Productions 1 source
Imperium Comics4 characters 2 sources
India Book House1 character 1 source
Indosiar1 character 
Innovation3 characters 1 source
Insight Studios Group7 characters 2 sources
Insomnia Press2 characters 
Institut National de l'Audiovisuel2 characters 2 sources
Intermasa Publishing1 character 1 source
Intrinsic Value Films1 character 1 source
IPC Films 1 source
IPC Media47 characters 23 sources
Irrational Games17 characters 
Irving Cummings Productions1 character 1 source
Israel Defence Forces1 character 1 source
Itala Film1 character 1 source
ITC6 characters 
Iton Arutz Ayeladim1 character 
Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company 1 source
iTunes6 characters 2 sources
ITV23 characters 16 sources
ITV Yorkshire1 character 1 source
J. Curwen & Sons 1 source
J. Harris5 characters 3 sources
J. Roberts1 character 1 source
J. Stuart Blackton Feature Pictures1 character 1 source
J. Tallandier 1 source
J. W. Arrowsmith1 character 1 source
J.C. Staff1 character 1 source
J.J. Sedelmaier Productions1 character 
Jack Publishing2 characters 1 source
Jagoan Comics2 characters 
James R. Osgood and Company 1 source
James Rubino Comics1 character 1 source
Janson Media 1 source
Jason Katims Productions1 character 
Jay Ward Studios1 character 1 source
JC Comics1 character 1 source
JeMM Productions7 characters 1 source
Jerome H. Remick & Co.1 character 1 source
Jerry Abrams1 character 1 source
Jerry Bruckheimer Films 1 source
Jersey Films 1 source
Jerusalem Post1 character 
Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company1 character 2 sources
Jet Tone Production2 characters 1 source
Jetpack Press6 characters 2 sources
Jezebel Productions1 character 1 source
JGM Comics1 character 4 sources
Jim Henson Company9 characters 2 sources
Joel Danford1 character 
Johann Friedrich Gmelin1 character 1 source
John C. Winston Company1 character 
John Danter1 character 1 source
John Ebers and Co.4 characters 1 source
John McCormick Productions1 character 
John Murray2 characters 1 source
John Newbery22 characters 2 sources
John Russell Smith5 characters 2 sources
John Wilson and Son, University Press1 character 1 source
Jonathan Cape6 characters 4 sources
Jonathan M. Shiff Productions2 characters 1 source
Joseph Dale2 characters 1 source
Joseph M. Schenck Productions2 characters 1 source
Joseph Michael Linsner1 character 
Jouer Limited1 character 1 source
Juan de la Cuesta3 characters 1 source
K/O Paper Products1 character 3 sources
Ka-Boom! Estudio1 character 
Karl Zorowski1 character 1 source
Katherine Tegen Books1 character 1 source
Kellogg's6 characters 1 source
Ken Jacobs 1 source
Kentjana Agung Publishing6 characters 2 sources
Kenzer and Company1 character 
KHJ-TV2 characters 1 source
Kickstart Productions 1 source
Kidsweek1 character 
Killian Barracks Press 1 source
Kinderbuchverl1 character 1 source
King Brothers Productions1 character 1 source
King Comics1 character 
King Features Syndicate28 characters 10 sources
Kings Road Entertainment1 character 1 source
Kintop Pictures 1 source
Kitchen Sink Press97 characters 19 sources
Kitty Films1 character 
KiZoic1 character 
Kling Film Productions5 characters 1 source
Knight Press 5 sources
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group 1 source
Kobunsha1 character 
Kodansha28 characters 4 sources
Komik Sriti2 characters 
Konami1 character 1 source
Krantz Films2 characters 
KRO Radio2 characters 
Krone Multimedia GmbH & Co KG1 character 1 source
Kudos Film and Television2 characters 8 sources
Kuk Dong4 characters 1 source
Kuzui Enterprises1 character 1 source
KYW-TV1 character 1 source
L-KO Kompany 1 source
L. C. Page & Co.2 characters 2 sources
L. Miller & Son1 character 
La Societe des Films Sirius 1 source
Laberinto2 characters 1 source
Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor & Jones1 character 1 source
Ladd Company 1 source
Lafayette Street1 character 1 source
Lakeshore Entertainment2 characters 1 source
Lancer Books10 characters 5 sources
Landmark Entertainment Group2 characters 1 source
Larry Harmon Pictures Corporation 1 source
Latium Film1 character 1 source
Laura Ziskin Productions 1 source
Laurentius Salvius4 characters 1 source
LazyTown Entertainment1 character 1 source
Le Lombard2 characters 
Le Vingtieme Siecle1 character 1 source
League of Women Voters2 characters 2 sources
Lee Mendelson Film Productions 1 source
Left Coast Television7 characters 1 source
Legend4 characters 5 sources
Legendary Pictures3 characters 2 sources
LEGO 2 sources
Leon Schlesinger Studios13 characters 8 sources
Leonard C. Bowles1 character 1 source
Leonard Freeman Production 1 source
Leonardo Productions2 characters 1 source
Les Films Imperia2 characters 1 source
Lev Gleason Publications4 characters 5 sources
Leviathan Press1 character 
Lichtenberg Verlag 1 source
Lightning Comics8 characters 1 source
Lightspeed Press1 character 1 source
Lionsgate17 characters 13 sources
Lippincott4 characters 4 sources
Little Airplane Productions 2 sources
Little Theatre 1 source
Little, Brown and Company79 characters 19 sources
LivePlanet 1 source
Livre de Poche1 character 
Lodestone2 characters 1 source
Lombard Editions1 character 
London Night Studios5 characters 3 sources
London Polytechnic Institute 1 source
Long Shong Pictures1 character 
Longmans, Green & co.7 characters 2 sources
Looney Tunes9 characters 
Lorde Lobo Estudio5 characters 1 source
Lorimar-Telepictures2 characters 
Los Bros. Hernandez1 character 1 source
Los Comex2 characters 1 source
Louis Lewyn Productions2 characters 2 sources
LucasArts2 characters 1 source
Lucasfilm38 characters 12 sources
Lucida Films1 character 1 source
Lumina Films 1 source
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre11 characters 1 source
Lutheran Church in America4 characters 1 source
Luxor Comics8 characters 1 source
Lyman H. Howe Films Company 1 source
The Lyons Group 1 source
Lyric Stage Company2 characters 1 source
M. Evans1 character 1 source
M. Mizrahi2 characters 2 sources
Maariv2 characters 1 source
MacAdam/Cage3 characters 1 source
Macmillan20 characters 6 sources
Madhouse10 characters 1 source
Maerkle Press2 characters 1 source
Magazine Enterprises1 character 6 sources
Magazine Publishers, Inc. 1 source
Magic Stone Productions 1 source
Magnum Video2 characters 1 source
Majesco Entertainment2 characters 1 source
Majestic Films International4 characters 1 source
Major Magazines1 character 
Make-A-Wish Foundation1 character 1 source
Malibu425 characters 215 sources
Malibu Sun1 character 
Malmberg5 characters 2 sources
Malpaso Company1 character 2 sources
Mammoth2 characters 1 source
Mammoth Screen 1 source
Mandate Pictures3 characters 1 source
Manga Entertainment1 character 
Mango2 characters 
Manic D Press2 characters 1 source
Mannheim1 character 1 source
Manuscript Press2 characters 
Manvis Publishing9 characters 1 source
Maranatha Publishing6 characters 1 source
Mark One2 characters 
Markosia3 characters 2 sources
Marquee Club1 character 1 source
Marsh, Capen & Lyon4 characters 1 source
The Martin Agency1 character 1 source
Martin L. Greim 1 source
Marv Films 2 sources
Marvel22719 characters 15349 sources
Marvel Animated 5 sources
Marvel Books 1 source
Marvel Enterprises112 characters 8 sources
Marvel Entertainment3 characters 6 sources
Marvel Italia24 characters 1 source
Marvel Productions53 characters 17 sources
Marvel Studios5 characters 6 sources
Marvel Television6 characters 1 source
Marvel UK323 characters 226 sources
Mary Cooper8 characters 1 source
Mashehu1 character 1 source
Matrix Graphic Series6 characters 5 sources
Mattel7 characters 4 sources
Matthews Productions5 characters 1 source
Maverick3 characters 1 source
Maw Productions1 character 
Maximum Press17 characters 6 sources
Maya Entertainment2 characters 
Mayapuri Group3 characters 1 source
Mayflower Pictures Corporation 1 source
MC Production 1 source
MC231 characters 1 source
McClintock High School39 characters 1 source
McClure Syndicate1 character 1 source
McCormick-Patterson1 character 1 source
McDonald's1 character 1 source
McKinlay, Stone & Mackenzie 1 source
McNaught Syndicate6 characters 2 sources
Medalist International1 character 1 source
Media Asia Films3 characters 1 source
Media Cela Comics1 character 
Media Rights Capital1 character 2 sources
Megaton Comics1 character 1 source
Mei Ah1 character 
Melodie Publishing3 characters 
Melvin Simon Productions1 character 1 source
Mendy Enterprises18 characters 1 source
Mental Pictures7 characters 1 source
Mercury Comics1 character 
Mercury Entertainment2 characters 1 source
Mercury Publications3 characters 2 sources
Metal Pesado1 character 1 source
Methuen & Co. Ltd.5 characters 3 sources
Metin Film1 character 1 source
MFC Studios2 characters 
MGM102 characters 44 sources
Michael Joseph 1 source
Midway2 characters 1 source
Mighty Comics Group3 characters 35 sources
Mighty Pharaoh Films1 character 1 source
Mike Ward Productions 1 source
Milano Film1 character 
Mile Deep Films & Television 1 source
Milestone Media331 characters 215 sources
milk promotion campaign1 character 
Milky Way Graphic Publications 1 source
Millennium Entertainment4 characters 2 sources
Millennium Pictures11 characters 1 source
Millennium Publications1 character 1 source
Milutin S. Ignajacevic1 character 1 source
Minerva Movietone1 character 
Minotaur Press2 characters 1 source
Mirage Studios18 characters 6 sources
Miramax Films16 characters 8 sources
Misión Santiago1 character 1 source
Mission Pictures1 character 
Mixx3 characters 
MLJ Comics24 characters 10 sources
MMPR Productions1 character 1 source
Modan4 characters 1 source
Modern 2 sources
Monarch Books1 character 
Monarch Comics1 character 
Monastic Productions 1 source
Monkey Wrangler Productions5 characters 2 sources
Monogram Pictures1 character 
Monolith1 character 1 source
Montgomery Ward3 characters 1 source
Montreal Gazette1 character 
Moonstone Books2 characters 
Morpheus Forge Entertainment1 character 
Motion Picture Corporation of America3 characters 1 source
Moving Talking Pictures8 characters 1 source
MSNBC1 character 
Mt. Pleasant High School1 character 1 source
MTE Inc.1 character 
MTV6 characters 2 sources
MuchMusic1 character 1 source
Muller-My Company 1 source
Munroe and Francis2 characters 1 source
Mushi Productions1 character 
Mutant Enemy Productions49 characters 12 sources
Mutual Film4 characters 2 sources
Mutual radio network1 character 
MySpace3 characters 2 sources
Mythology Entertainment4 characters 1 source
N.A.41 characters 31 sources
Nam Yin Production Company1 character 1 source
Namco2 characters 1 source
Narsimha Enterprises1 character 1 source
NAS 1 source
Nash Holdings1 character 
Nathan Ponder1 character 1 source
National Educational Television1 character 
National Film Board of Canada 1 source
National Lampoon3 characters 
National Newspaper Service1 character 
Naval Institute Press2 characters 1 source
NBC356 characters 91 sources
NBM Publishing5 characters 2 sources
NCsoft26 characters 1 source
Nederlandse Televisie Stichting1 character 1 source
Nedjeljna Dalmacija1 character 
Nedor15 characters 
Nelson Press2 characters 1 source
Nelvana3 characters 1 source
Neptune-Film A.G.1 character 1 source
Netflix2 characters 2 sources
Network Ten2 characters 1 source
Neuphoria Recordings 1 source
New Baby Productions2 characters 1 source
New England6 characters 3 sources
New Line Cinema6 characters 7 sources
New Universe528 characters 191 sources
New World Entertainment24 characters 1 source
New World Pictures5 characters 2 sources
New York Herald2 characters 1 source
New York Motion Picture1 character 1 source
Newcomers Publishing1 character 
News Corp1 character 
NHQ1 character 1 source
Ni-Va Film1 character 1 source
Nick Jr. 2 sources
Nickelodeon5 characters 3 sources
Night Voyages1 character 1 source
Nightwynd Productions2 characters 1 source
Nintendo8 characters 5 sources
Ninth Circle Studios2 characters 1 source
Nippon Television5 characters 
Nite Owl Comix1 character 4 sources
NMI1 character 1 source
Noble7 characters 1 source
Noblet4 characters 1 source
Noodle Soup Productions13 characters 12 sources
Nord-Ouest Productions 1 source
Nordia Films 1 source
Nordlys Film A-S1 character 1 source
Norman Lear1 character 1 source
Northstar Publications2 characters 1 source
NOS1 character 
Noticia Agora1 character 
Nottingham's Theatre Royal1 character 1 source
Novastar Studios1 character 1 source
Now Comics1 character 1 source
Nu Image1 character 1 source
Nuage Editions2 characters 1 source
Number Foundation1 character 1 source
NYC Media Group1 character 1 source
Oberon3 characters 1 source
Oberon BV1 character 
Odhams Press1 character 
Ofer Zanzuria7 characters 1 source
Ohio State University Press3 characters 2 sources
Oliver Ditson & Company3 characters 1 source
OLM, Inc.1 character 1 source
Olympia Press2 characters 1 source
Omni Leisure International1 character 1 source
Oms Inraknad2 characters 1 source
One Way Productions1 character 1 source
Oni Press26 characters 19 sources
Oppidan Film Productions 1 source
Optomen Television 1 source
Opus Films1 character 1 source
Orion Pictures3 characters 1 source
ORTF1 character 1 source
Osmium Entertainment3 characters 1 source
Overbrook Entertainment4 characters 1 source
Overlook Press 1 source
Oxford University Press1 character 
Ozler Film1 character 1 source
P. F. Volland Company1 character 2 sources
P.L. Publishing1 character 
Pacific9 characters 4 sources
Paka Hill Productions3 characters 
Palace of Versailles2 characters 1 source
Palitoy Limited1 character 
PalmStar Entertainment1 character 1 source
Pamplin Entertainment5 characters 2 sources
Pandora Cinema1 character 1 source
Panini Comics18 characters 3 sources
Paradis Films2 characters 1 source
Paradox Press4 characters 2 sources
Paragon2 characters 
Paragon Comics1 character 1 source
Paragon Studios15 characters 2 sources
Parallax Publications5 characters 1 source
Paramount Digital Entertainment 1 source
Paramount Music Corporation 1 source
Paramount News1 character 1 source
Paramount Pictures68 characters 42 sources
Paramount Television5 characters 6 sources
Parents' Magazine Press2 characters 1 source
Paris-Monde Illustre1 character 1 source
Pasadena Playhouse 1 source
Pat Sullivan Cartoons10 characters 2 sources
Pathe Exchange2 characters 1 source
Pathe Freres2 characters 3 sources
PBS15 characters 16 sources
PBS Kids 1 source
Pelican Publishing Company1 character 1 source
Penguin Group4 characters 2 sources
Pep!2 characters 
Percept Picture Company1 character 
Personality Comics1 character 
Pest Theatre3 characters 1 source
Peter Pan Records1 character 1 source
Peters Entertainment 1 source
Phalke Films1 character 1 source
Phenix e Ninja3 characters 
Philips Records3 characters 1 source
Phono-Cinema-Theatre 1 source
Phosphor Games 1 source
Phosphorescent13 characters 
Pickle Press4 characters 2 sources
Pickle Tub Productions 1 source
Pierre Lafitte and Cie.1 character 1 source
Pierre Marteau2 characters 1 source
Pierre-Jules Hetzel1 character 1 source
Pilipino Comics1 character 
Pimentokinderboeken2 characters 
Pines Comics1 character 
Pines Publishing3 characters 3 sources
Pinnacle Books2 characters 1 source
Pisa, Tipi dei Fratelli Nistri e cc.2 characters 1 source
Pixar Animation Studios7 characters 3 sources
Plan B Entertainment33 characters 17 sources
Planeta DeAgostini2 characters 1 source
Planned Parenthood3 characters 2 sources
Platinum Studios2 characters 1 source
Playboy Enterprises1 character 1 source
Plymouth Theatre1 character 1 source
Pocket Books13 characters 5 sources
Pocket Star Books45 characters 2 sources
Poetic Films 1 source
Pogo TV1 character 
Pokemon Co.2 characters 
Polycomical Studios4 characters 13 sources
Polygram Filmed Entertainment8 characters 2 sources
Polygram Television1 character 
Popular Fiction8 characters 15 sources
Popular Publications3 characters 1 source
Portal Comics7 characters 1 source
POW! Entertainment1 character 
Praise St. Productions2 characters 1 source
Prasidha Publishing6 characters 1 source
Praxis2 characters 1 source
Preger Entertainment 1 source
The Print Mint1 character 1 source
Prize Publications5 characters 4 sources
Procter & Gamble2 characters 1 source
Project IV Publishing1 character 1 source
PT Antar Surya Jaya Publishing1 character 1 source
PT Bumi Langit1 character 
PT Sraten Komik3 characters 1 source
PT Tripar Multivision Plus2 characters 1 source
Publistrip1 character 1 source
Purnima Pictures2 characters 
QM Productions27 characters 3 sources
Qomik Nasional1 character 1 source
Quadrifoglio1 character 
Quaker Oats Company1 character 1 source
Quality476 characters 651 sources
Quality Communications1 character 
Quality Pictures Corporation 1 source
Quimantu1 character 
R. Christopher5 characters 3 sources
Radical Comics4 characters 9 sources
Radio Cadena Nacional2 characters 1 source
Radio Caracas Televisión1 character 1 source
Radio Polar de Punta Arenas1 character 1 source
Radiotelevisione Italiana 1 source
Rai 26 characters 1 source
Rain Moon Productions2 characters 
Rainbow Productions6 characters 1 source
Rainbow S.p.A.7 characters 1 source
Raj18 characters 10 sources
Ralph Bakshi1 character 
Ramsey County and Saint Paul Historical Society1 character 1 source
Rand McNally & Company1 character 1 source
Random House18 characters 6 sources
Rank Organisation 1 source
Rastar Pictures1 character 1 source
Raven Software 1 source
Razorbill1 character 1 source
Razorline10 characters 10 sources
RCA 1 source
Realm Press2 characters 
Realschulbuchhandlung19 characters 1 source
Rebel Base Productions2 characters 
Rebel Studios1 character 
Rebellion14 characters 9 sources
Recorded Picture Company1 character 1 source
Red 5 Comics3 characters 2 sources
Red 9 Comics1 character 
Red Anvil11 characters 8 sources
Red Circle8 characters 52 sources
Red Eye Press1 character 16 sources
Rede Record1 character 1 source
Redhanded Studios1 character 
Reed Publishing1 character 1 source
Regency Enterprises 1 source
Regent Entertainment50 characters 2 sources
Reginald Wolfe1 character 1 source
Register and Tribune Syndicate9 characters 364 sources
Regnery Publishing6 characters 1 source
Relativity Media1 character 2 sources
Relevant Film1 character 1 source
Reliance Entertainment1 character 2 sources
Reliance Film Company1 character 1 source
Renaissance Atlantic Entertainment1 character 1 source
Renaissance Pictures3 characters 3 sources
Renegade Press47 characters 14 sources
Republic Pictures69 characters 3 sources
Republican National Committee1 character 1 source
Reunion Pictures5 characters 20 sources
Reverbo2 characters 1 source
Revolution Studios1 character 1 source
Revolutionary Comics2 characters 
Revue Productions2 characters 1 source
Rex Publications1 character 1 source
Reynal & Hitchcock1 character 1 source
Richard and John E. Taylor1 character 1 source
Richard Bentley5 characters 2 sources
Richard G. Badger & Company1 character 1 source
Richard Relkin2 characters 1 source
Richard-Oswald-Produktion 1 source
Rima Khoreibi2 characters 1 source
Rio Grafica1 character 1 source
Rip Off Press1 character 
River Road Entertainment1 character 2 sources
RKO Radio Pictures19 characters 9 sources
RMC FIlms11 characters 1 source
Robbins Entertainment4 characters 1 source
Robert Laffont1 character 2 sources
Robert Quill3 characters 1 source
Robert Winkler Productions1 character 2 sources
Robert Wise Productions 1 source
Roberto Guedes1 character 1 source
Rocket Munkee Productions 1 source
Rodeo Strip1 character 
Rofima Cinematografica 1 source
Roll-A-Book2 characters 1 source
Rollins-Joffe Productions 1 source
Romanforlaget2 characters 1 source
Ron Greenberg Productions1 character 1 source
Ronin Studios8 characters 5 sources
Rory Scherer 1 source
Rosary Army4 characters 1 source
Rosenow Co.1 character 1 source
Rosh Chair1 character 1 source
Rough Draft Studios2 characters 1 source
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art 1 source
The Royal Ballet 1 source
Royal Society of London1 character 1 source
RZG Comics1 character 
S. Crowder1 character 1 source
S. Lubin 3 sources
Saban6 characters 2 sources
Sabraman Comics1 character 
Sacred Studios3 characters 5 sources
The Safran Company1 character 1 source
Sahara One3 characters 
Samuel French, Inc.2 characters 1 source
Sanctuary Press1 character 1 source
Sandesh2 characters 
SandyCarruthers.com2 characters 1 source
Sanrio2 characters 1 source
Sastra Kumala Publishing4 characters 
Scary Stuff32 characters 1 source
SCE Studios Santa Monica2 characters 1 source
Schibsted Forlagene1 character 1 source
Scholastic6 characters 3 sources
Sci Fi Channel2 characters 2 sources
Scott McCullar1 character 
Scottish Screen2 characters 1 source
Screen Australia1 character 1 source
Screen Gems8 characters 6 sources
Scribner11 characters 5 sources
Seaboard2 characters 5 sources
Seabury Books1 character 
The Seattle 48 Hour Film Project3 characters 3 sources
Secker and Warburg2 characters 1 source
Section 8 Comics5 characters 
Sega2 characters 1 source
Selig Polyscope Company1 character 1 source
Seneca Productions1 character 1 source
Sentinel1 character 1 source
Sep. Winner & Co.1 character 1 source
Sergio Bonelli Editore8 characters 4 sources
Seven Arts Productions1 character 
Severn House3 characters 1 source
SG Visual Art2 characters 1 source
Shadowline21 characters 
Shakti1 character 1 source
Shamley Productions 1 source
Shaw Brothers1 character 1 source Inc.5 characters 
Sheridan College1 character 
Shiny Entertainment1 character 1 source
Shochiku Kinema1 character 1 source
Shocking Videos1 character 
Shogakukan14 characters 12 sources
Shonen Gahosha3 characters 1 source
Shonen Jump20 characters 
Shooters Media and Film7 characters 1 source
Shooting Star10 characters 1 source
Short Stories, Inc.3 characters 3 sources
Showcase Productions1 character 1 source
Showtime2 characters 1 source
Shueisha7 characters 3 sources
Shuktara1 character 
Siberian Productions1 character 1 source
Sid & Marty Krofft Television Productions2 characters 1 source
Sifriyat Ma'ariv1 character 1 source
Signature Editions3 characters 1 source
Silent Devil Productions7 characters 2 sources
Silver Pictures1 character 1 source
Silverhawk Productions1 character 
Silverton Productions1 character 1 source
Silvester Strips1 character 
Simon & Schuster15 characters 5 sources
Sirena Film1 character 1 source
Sirius Entertainment1 character 
Sis Acts LLC 1 source
Sky Perfect Well Think1 character 1 source
Sky-Dog Press1 character 2 sources
Skydance Productions 1 source
Skyhill Films1 character 1 source
Slave Labor Graphics18 characters 4 sources
Slightly Warped Website17 characters 1 source
SM Editora1 character 
Smack Jeeves1 character 1 source
Smoking Barrel Productions3 characters 1 source
SnagFilms1 character 1 source
Snowblind Studios2 characters 1 source
Societa Anonima Ambrosio1 character 2 sources
Societa Italiana Cines1 character 2 sources
SoloGraphics1 character 1 source
Solson Publications8 characters 7 sources
Sony Interactive Entertainment1 character 1 source
Sony Pictures70 characters 10 sources
South Boston Comics5 characters 1 source
Southern Aurora1 character 
Southhall Studios2 characters 
Spark Publications2 characters 1 source
Speakeasy Comics22 characters 11 sources
Spinner Rack12 characters 6 sources
Squibb Corporation1 character 1 source
St. John Publications7 characters 3 sources
St. John's College1 character 1 source
St. Martin's Press2 characters 2 sources
Stage 6 Films1 character 1 source
Stage Entertainment 1 source
Standard12 characters 7 sources
Star Comics1 character 1 source
Star Comics IBH1 character 1 source
Star Publications2 characters 1 source
Star-Film1 character 1 source
StarKist Tuna2 characters 1 source
Starz Media3 characters 
Starz!1 character 1 source
state of Lu1 character 1 source
Status Comics1 character 
Stein and Day2 characters 1 source
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios 1 source
StormFront Entertainment 5 sources
Story Studios2 characters 
Straight Up Films2 characters 1 source
Street & Smith25 characters 5 sources
Stronghold Productions8 characters 1 source
Students for a Democratic Society1 character 1 source
Studio Deen1 character 
Studio Ghibli1 character 1 source
Studio Pierrot Co. Ltd. 1 source
Sud-Film 1 source
Sud-Ouest1 character 1 source
Summit Entertainment5 characters 3 sources
Sumptibus C. Salfeld1 character 1 source
Sun Run Entertainment8 characters 1 source
Sunday Herald2 characters 
Sunn Classic Pictures1 character 
Superior Publishers Limited1 character 1 source
Supreme Media Group12 characters 1 source
Svenska Biografteatern AB1 character 1 source
Sveriges Radio1 character 1 source
Swim or Die Productions2 characters 1 source
Sydney Film School1 character 1 source
Syfy4 characters 1 source
Syndicast1 character 1 source
Szygzy Productions 1 source
T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt1 character 1 source
T. Richards1 character 1 source
Tabloid Press1 character 1 source
Taco Bell1 character 1 source
Tai Seng Entertainment1 character 
Taj Studios 1 source
Takara3 characters 1 source
Tams-Witmark Music Library4 characters 2 sources
Tandem Books1 character 1 source
Tandem Productions1 character 1 source
Tangent7 characters 2 sources
Tapert / Donen / Raimi1 character 1 source
Taquara Editorial1 character 1 source
Tatsunoko1 character 
TCJ Animation Center1 character 
Teatro alla Scala di Milano 1 source
Tekno Comix3 characters 2 sources
Tele Images Kids1 character 
Teletoon1 character 1 source
Tempean Films2 characters 1 source
Temple Hill Entertainment 1 source
Ten Thirteen Productions1 character 1 source
Terrytoons4 characters 4 sources
Teshkeel15 characters 2 sources
Texas Comics5 characters 1 source
TF1 Films Production4 characters 1 source
TF1 Video1 character 1 source
Thalians Club1 character 1 source
Thames Television20 characters 15 sources
Thanhouser Film Corporation5 characters 3 sources
Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin, Paris1 character 1 source
Theatre Junkies1 character 1 source
Theory of Everything Comics8 characters 1 source
Thomas Adams1 character 1 source
Thomas Nelson8 characters 3 sources
Thorn EMI Screen Entertainment1 character 1 source
Thorndike Press2 characters 1 source
Thoughts & Images1 character 1 source
THQ25 characters 2 sources
Thrill-House1 character 1 source
Ticknor and Fields1 character 1 source
Tidal Wave Studios4 characters 15 sources
Tigon Film Distributors 1 source
Tilted Productions1 character 1 source
Timely491 characters 149 sources
Tintin2 characters 
Tipografia M. Tomasina1 character 1 source
Titan Books5 characters 
TLC 10 sources
Todd Norwood Productions8 characters 1 source
Toei Animation17 characters 1 source
Toei Company1 character 1 source
Toho Company6 characters 3 sources
Tokyo Broadcasting System1 character 
Tokyopop15 characters 5 sources
Tom Stacey Ltd.1 character 1 source
Tomasin1 character 
Tomorrow Entertainment 1 source
Toonz Animation1 character 
Top Cow88 characters 25 sources
Top Shelf Productions5 characters 3 sources
Toppan Publishing Company1 character 1 source
Topps2 characters 
Tor2 characters 2 sources
Touchstone Pictures32 characters 7 sources
Tower Comics23 characters 5 sources
Trans World Entertainment1 character 1 source
Transmission X1 character 
Transworld3 characters 1 source
Traveller's Tales 1 source
Tribune Company4 characters 2 sources
Tribune Media Services4 characters 
Trigger Street Productions1 character 1 source
Trinity Comics2 characters 1 source
TriStar16 characters 8 sources
Troika Pictures1 character 1 source
Tropical Film Company1 character 1 source
Trost Productions 1 source
Truckbeef2 characters 1 source
Truth Magazine1 character 1 source
Tsunami1 character 1 source
Tulsi Comics1 character 
Tupixel1 character 
Turner Broadcasting System1 character 2 sources
Turner Network Television1 character 1 source
TV Record1 character 
TV Tokyo3 characters 3 sources
TV-60 Filmproduktion 1 source
Twist and Shout1 character 1 source
Twisted Pearl Press2 characters 1 source
Two Oceans Entertainment Group3 characters 1 source
U.S. Army4 characters 2 sources
U.S. Army Signal Corps2 characters 1 source
U.S. Office of War Information1 character 1 source
UA Television 1 source
UAHC Press7 characters 1 source
Uco-Film GmbH1 character 
Udon Entertainment5 characters 
UFO Films 1 source
Ugga Bugga2 characters 1 source
UGO1 character 
Uitgeverij Oberon1 character 
UK Film Council1 character 1 source
Ullstein1 character 1 source
Ultem1 character 
Ultimate7 characters 
Umbrella-Rosenblum Films Production 1 source
Underground6 characters 1 source
Unification Church1 character 1 source
Unione Cinematografica Italiana1 character 1 source
Unitarian Universalist Association1 character 1 source
United Artists46 characters 10 sources
United Feature Syndicate17 characters 8 sources
Universal Film Manufacturing Company4 characters 3 sources
Universal International Pictures1 character 1 source
Universal Press Syndicate8 characters 4 sources
Universal Studios75 characters 37 sources
Universal TV62 characters 5 sources
Universalcine 1 source
Universe Laser & Video Co.1 character 
University of Chicago Press1 character 
University of Maryland - College Park4 characters 1 source
University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts1 character 1 source
Universum Film2 characters 2 sources
unknown81 characters 64 sources
UPN28 characters 5 sources
Urban Ministries9 characters 2 sources
Urban Style Comics1 character 1 source
Uri Fink1 character 1 source
USA Network2 characters 27 sources
USC School of Cinematic Arts 1 source
UTV 1 source
V Magazine1 character 1 source
Valiant63 characters 28 sources
Valkyrie Press1 character 
Vancouver Film School1 character 1 source
Vang Creatives Cool Comics1 character 1 source
Vanguard Films 1 source
Vardi Editora1 character 
various32 characters 41 sources
VEB DEFA-Studio fur Spielfilme 1 source
Vegan Pirates1 character 
Vegan Represent1 character 
Verotik2 characters 
Vertigo206 characters 142 sources
Viacom8 characters 4 sources
View Askew Productions7 characters 2 sources
Viking Press35 characters 2 sources
Village Roadshow Pictures 2 sources
Vimeo4 characters 1 source
Viper Comics3 characters 2 sources
Virago Press2 characters 1 source
Virgin Comics6 characters 2 sources
Vision Comics1 character 1 source
Visual Associations1 character 
Visual Drama2 characters 1 source
Visual Ediciones1 character 1 source
Vitagraph Company of America3 characters 3 sources
Vitaphone Corporation6 characters 4 sources
Viz27 characters 11 sources
Voltage Pictures 1 source
W. Fraser Sandercombe2 characters 
W. Taylor2 characters 1 source
W. W. Norton & Company8 characters 2 sources
WABC-TV2 characters 1 source
WABD Channel 5 1 source
WAG Screen 1 source
Wags1 character 
Wall to Wall Television1 character 
Wallace C. Bennett 1 source
Walt Disney Company Italia1 character 
Walt Disney Pictures107 characters 39 sources
Walt Disney TV Animation9 characters 3 sources
Walter Lantz Productions9 characters 7 sources
Walturdaw 1 source
Ward Lock & Co.3 characters 2 sources
Warner Books6 characters 4 sources
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment 1 source
Warner Brothers207 characters 109 sources
Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment1 character 1 source
WaRP Graphics8 characters 5 sources
Warren Publishing7 characters 3 sources
WAU1 character 1 source
The WB88 characters 35 sources
Webcomics Nation7 characters 
Webs Adventure Corporation2 characters 1 source
Wee Sing Productions13 characters 1 source
Weidenfeld and Nicholson 1 source
Weinstein Company 2 sources
Weintraub Entertainment Group1 character 
Weird Tales5 characters 1 source
Weird Tales, Inc.3 characters 3 sources
Welsh Publishing Group2 characters 1 source
Weltbucher-Verlag13 characters 1 source
Wereldbibliotheek1 character 1 source
West Coast NBC Radio Network1 character 
West Coast Theatres Inc.1 character 1 source
West-Shapiro1 character 1 source
Westdeutscher Rundfunk1 character 1 source
Western Publishing10 characters 2 sources
Westinghouse Company2 characters 1 source
WGHATAP Ministries1 character 1 source
Whitman21 characters 3 sources
Wholesome Films Corp. 1 source
Wikipedia1 character 1 source
WildStorm275 characters 115 sources
Wiley1 character 1 source
Will & Company 1 source
William Blackwood4 characters 1 source
William Collins and Sons2 characters 
William Heinemann Ltd.5 characters 5 sources
William Morrow 3 sources
William Randolph Hearst 1 source
Win's Entertainment1 character 
Winchester Pictures Corporation5 characters 1 source
Windsor-Smith Studio2 characters 1 source
Winters Hollywood Entertainment Holdings Corporation1 character 
witzend1 character 
Wizard Entertainment22 characters 14 sources
WLS-TV1 character 1 source
WNBT New York1 character 1 source
Wolfman Creations5 characters 1 source
Wonderful Publishing Company1 character 1 source
WOR3 characters 2 sources
Wordsworth Editions1 character 
Wordt Vervolgd1 character 1 source
World Events Productions1 character 
World Series Film Company1 character 1 source
World Wrestling Federation1 character 1 source
Worldwinz Studios3 characters 
Worth Publishing Company1 character 1 source
WRC-TV1 character 1 source
Wrekin Hill Entertainment6 characters 1 source
WWE Studios1 character 1 source
WXYZ Radio4 characters 1 source
Xebec1 character 
Yarrow 1 source
Yedioth Aharonot5 characters 1 source
Yen Press1 character 
Ynet2 characters 
YOE! Studio2 characters 
York University Press1 character 1 source
Young King Comics2 characters 
Young's Merchandising Company4 characters 2 sources
YouTube3 characters 1 source
YTV7 characters 2 sources
YU Strip1 character 
Zazoo Films14 characters 1 source
Zeitgeist Films1 character 1 source
Zen Comics2 characters 6 sources
Zenescope Entertainment14 characters 7 sources
Zentropa Entertainments2 characters 1 source
Ziff Davis 1 source
Zig Zag3 characters 2 sources
ZOOLOOK2 characters 1 source
Zorro Productions, Inc.1 character 
Zumi Comics Magazine1 character 
Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen 1 source
Zwiazek Inwalidow Wojennych1 character 1 source