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Religion: Nazi CBR Scale: D

Name: Nazis

Other Names: National Socialist German Workers' Party; NSDAP; NAZI Party; genetically enhanced Nazis from World War II

Classification: villains villains   group group   real/historical group real/historical group  

Publisher(s): DC Marvel Timely

Earliest Appearance Listed in This Database: Bleeding Germany (1933)

Creators: Johannes Haussler

Number of Appearances: 4,222

   Comic Book Appearances: 431

   TV, Film Appearances: 3,791

Enemy of: Senso, Hidden Ones, The Balloon Buster, Captain X, Dr. Maria Vaselli, Thunderer, Captain Terror

Type of Organization/Group: political party

Nation: Germany

Birth Place: Bremen, Germany

Note: generic WWII Nazis

This "character" entry in the database refers to generic, unnamed World War II Nazis.

It is probably impossible to accurately determine the "number of appearances" that generic Nazis have had in comic books, films, televisions, and other popular media. Since World War II, Nazis have emerged as one of the most commonly used staple villains in fiction. The number of stories featuring generic Nazis (almost always as villains) certainly exceeds the number of appearances of any specific named character.

Checking on 11 January 2010, we found 64 listings for films, TV movies and TV series which included the word "Nazi" in the title itself. The word "Nazi" was associated as a keyword with 1243 separate film/TV movie/TV episode listings. That count doesn't even take into consideration 3791 film/TV movie/etc. entries associated with 85 other keywords (or "keyword phrases", really) which include the word "Nazi" - keyword phrases such as "Nazi Germany", "Nazi occupation", "neo-Nazi", "Nazi soldier," etc. Do all of these 3791 films include generic Nazis as characters? No, but it is a good bet that the majority of them do. None of this even takes into account the many film entries in the Internet Movie Database which feature Nazis but which are as-yet unannotated in their keyword field, or films which feature Nazis but not significantly enough for "Nazi" (or some variation thereof) to have been added as a keyword.

For now we have used the number obtained by counting Nazi variation keywords in our search as an estimate for "number of films and TV episodes which feature generic Nazi characters." We realize some individual titles may have been counted twice, but even with that consideration, this is certainly a "lower bounds limit," and the "real" number is doubtless much higher.

In "Castle with Wall-to-Wall Danger!" in Detective Comics #329 (July 1964), Walter Maunch tells Batman about how he and his cousin came to be at an old English castle (pages 13-14): "Years ago a band of Nazis, fleeing Germany toward the end of World War II, flew here to England -- carrying with them a fortune in gold from their treasury! The fugitives were soon captured, but the gold was never found! I started a search for the lost treasure a decade ago! Gradually the trail led me here to this castle! I managed to raise funds and buy it -- in order to continue my search!"

On the last page of this story (page 15) Batman and Robin are at home weeks later when they read in the newspaper that Maunch has discovered the gold. The headline reads: "Treasure Comes to Light in England! Nazi gold long buried found!"

Maunch showed his gratitude for how Batman and Robin had helped him by donating $50,000 of the money he earned from the gold to the favorite charity of the dynamic duo.

World War II-era Nazis were seen in a flashback in Batman and the Outsiders #2 (Sep. 1983) in a story relating to the history of Moravia, native country of Outsiders member Geo-Force.

Nazis were mentioned (as Hitler's "S.S. Elite") in "Zero Hour for Earth!" in Batman #167 (Nov. 1964). Talking to Robin, Batman compares Nazis to a group formed by the villain Karabi (panels 3 through 6 on page 13): "Each scrap of information I've collected means nothing by itself -- but together they add up to Karabi's insane plan for world power! Karabi intends to secretly fire a nuclear missile from country A [actual name not revealed for security reasons] to country B! He knows B will accuse A of aggression -- and war will break out . . . The eruption of war will only be the beginning! Like a chain reaction, it will inevitably spread, involving more countries, nations . . . even the United States1 Then Karabi intends to form a group of malcontents that will form the nucleus of a band like Hitler's S.S. Elite -- and with them, will try to seize as much power as he can!"

Details from now-defunct webpage at

Marvel Universe Wiki: Nazi Party

Universe: Marvel Universe

Base of Operations: Mobile, formerly Germany

Current Members: Axis Mundi (Agent Axis, Baroness Blood, Der Gotteskrieger, Jonas Wilhelm Eckhardt, Pterorists, Red Skull (Johann Shmidt), Tara, U-Man, and Warrior Woman)

Former Members: Adolf Hitler, 88, Agent X (Cynthia Glass), Ameridroid, Armless Tiger Man, Aryan, Baron Blood (Falsworth), Baron Strucker, Heinrich Heinrich Zemo, Baroness, Anthony Baskerville, Blitzkrieg Squad, Brain, Brain Drain, Eva Braun, Wilhelm Bucher, Captain Axis, Cobra (Nazi), Colonel Klaue, Death's Head Squadron, Doctor Krause, Doctor Reich, Doctor Steinem, Doctor Sweikert, Doppelganger (Wolfgang), Face, Fiddler, Geist, General Brinkhaus, General Skul, Gremlin (Nazi), Franz Gruber, Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler clone), Gustav Hauptmann, Jorgen Kline, Viscount Krowler Heinrich, Horst, Heinz Kruger, Lord Ha-Ha, Lord Of Death, Madam Satan, Major Kerfoot, Major Strasser, Man Of 1000 Faces, Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer), Master Men, Matrix Eight, Klaus Mendelhaus, Mycroft, Mister Sinister, Planner, Reaper (Nazi), Red Skull (George Maxon), Rumor, Wilhelm Schmidt, Karl Schroeder, Skyshark, Slicer, Emil Stein, Stryker, Geoffrey Sydenham, Thule, Von Eisenbluth, Vulture (Nazi), Weiss, Wolfgang, Arnim Zola, Zyklon (Heinrich Himmler)

The National Socialist German Workers Party, or "Nazi" Party, was founded as a small right-wing political party in 1919 by Anton Drexler. By 1933 the party was voted into power led by Chancellor Adolf Hitler. Hitler became dictator of Germany the following year, declaring the beginning of a new period in German history known as the "Third Reich" and began a rearmament campaign with the aim of conquering Europe, a goal which eventually precipitated the Second World War. Germany eventually lost World War II and Hitler was killed by the Human Torch. However, through several evil agents, the Nazi movement has continued on with terrorism throughout the world to this very day. Most notably are: the Red Skull, Warrior Woman, Baron Heinrich Zemo, Baron Strucker, Baron Blood and countless others. While officially disbanded after World War II, the Nazi Party, through both direct action and inspiration, continues to affect events wherever it may strike. The terrorist group Axis Mundi is probably the most prominent direct offshoot of the Nazi Party still operating.

Number of group members listed below: 4

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Pub. #
Crule Crule villain
CBR Scale: U Mithraism
[employed by Nazis in cremation ovens]
Marvel 9
Nazis Nazis villain group real/historical person
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[generic WWII Nazis] Timely Marvel, etc. 4,222
unnamed Nazi unnamed Nazi villain
CBR Scale: D Nazi
[in Rosa's comic brings loot from orphanages to Hitler]
Ginger Rabbit Studio 1
Wilbur the Great (Wilbur) villain
  [hired by Nazis to steal oil/gas] Marvel 1


BELOW: After the Chitauri bomb the Ultimates' headquarters, Captain America thinks about how much he hates the Chitauri alien invaders. He also thinks about God and prophecy.

Resentment was so thick in the back of his throat that he could practically spit it out. God, he hated them. Hated them worse than he'd ever hated the Nazis or the Japs. He would have killed them all himself, shot them in the back as they fled. If God Himself came down and gave Steve Rogers the gift of prophecy, and he knew that the Chitauri would leave tomorrow and never come back, he would still have killed them as they fled onto their ships.

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 72. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: God; hate; prophecy; Captain America (Steve Rogers); Nazis

BELOW: This excerpt from a "status report" prepared by Chitauri alien invaders is from the opening chapter to The Ultimates: Against All Enemies. The Chitauri status report names the "National Socialist" movement by name. (This is the official name of the Nazi party.) The Chitauri admire the Nazi understanding that the "imposition of order requires domination and control of cultural production." The report specifically mentions using Hollywood to promote "traditional values." The Chitauri understand that Hollywood-based film and television are among the most powerful tools in the world for influencing human behavior.

We are no longer focused on human political centers in +New York+ and +Washington+; the events leading up to the +Arizona+ setback made clear that our surveillance must be diversified, encompassing human technological research and cultural production a well as the standard intelligence targets of military and political activity. The +National Socialist+ host understood that the imposition of order requires domination and control of cultural production as well as military strength; we are redoubling our efforts on this front. Much of this effort consists of suborning existing structures, such as film production, to increase the dissemination of material that prepares the human mind for the idea of order. Consolidation of cultural production in fewer and fewer hands has made this endeavor much easier. To take one example, +Hollywood+ filmmaking has absorbed the idea of order -- translated, in human terms, as "traditional values"--far more easily than we might have expected given the chaotic and inconsistent history of that industry. The +American+ political discourse, by and large, has followed this trend as well.

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 3-4. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: religion identified by name; propaganda; traditional values; Hollywood; order; Nazi; Nazis; Chitauri

BELOW: Defense Department official Ozzie Bright (actually a Chitauri spy) compares the current situation to when the Allies broke the Nazis' Enigma code, but did not act on everything they learned from this breakthrough:

"I'll ask you to indulge me in a little historical parallel," Bright went on. "During World War II, hard decisions were made about utilizing certain technologies and acting on the information gained thereby. Had the Allies saved every life and thwarted every minor movement they learned about by cracking the Enigma code, the Nazis would quickly have abandoned Enigma; by sacrificing those necessary lives, the Allies maintained their intelligence superiority over the Nazis long enough for the advantage to prove decisive. Do you understand the analogy, General Fury?"

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 24. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: religion identified by name; sacrifice; greater good; Nazis

BELOW: Captain America believes in the American people; he accuses Tony Stark of believing only in his "bank balance":

"...Who are 'the people,' anyway?"

"They're the ones I rode a Nazi rocket for," Steve said, moving even closer to Tony [Stark]. "They're the ones I got shot up with experimental chemicals for. They're the ones I pledge my life to, and if you're about to say that they don't know who I am and don't care what I've done, I'm here to tell you that doesn't matter. I believe in them. You don't believe in a damn thing except your bank balance."

"The people, huh?" Tony said. "Shouldn't you say der Volk?"

Faster than Fury could see, Steve leveled Tony with a pile-driver right hand...

Source: The Ultimates: Against All Enemies (2007), pg. 84. Written by Alex Irvine. See also: belief; greed; patriotism; Captain America (Steve Rogers); Iron Man (Tony Stark); Nazis

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