Angel (Warren Worthington III)

The Religious Affiliation of
Warren Worthington III

Religion: Episcopalian CBR Scale: I

Name: Angel

Alter Ego: Warren Worthington III

Other Names: Archangel; Warren Kenneth Worthington III; The Avenging Angel; Death; Dark Angel; Angel of Death; Werner

Classification: hero hero  

Publisher(s): Marvel

First Appearance: The X-Men (vol. 1) #1 (Sep. 1963): "X-Men"

Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Paul Reinman

Super? (Has Super Powers/Special Abilities/Technology): Yes

Number of Appearances: 1,741

   Comic Book Appearances: 1,719

   TV, Film Appearances: 20

   Video Game, Computer Game Appearances: 2

Teams/Affiliations: Academy of Tomorrow; Horsemen of Apocalypse; Renegades; Secret Defenders; The Champions; The Defenders; X-Club; X-Factor; X-Force; X-Men; X-Saviours

Employer: Worthington Industries

Occupation: chairman of the board, millionaire

Studied at: St. Joe's Preparatory School

Worked for: Worthington Industries

Birth Place: Centerport, Long Island, New York, USA

Race: white

Gender: male

The Age of Apocalypse version of this character owned a ritzy establishment named "Heaven." He long attempted to remain neutral in conflict between Apocalypse's forces and the forces of good, but ultimately died fighting against evil.

Angel (Warren Worthington III)


From: "X-Men religious affiliations" forum discussion, started 1 June 2002 on the rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks newsgroup website (; viewed 13 June 2006):

From: Prestorjon
Date: Tues, Jun 4 2002 6:57 pm

Nightcrawler is Catholic. Kitty Pryde is Jewish... As for the others, I don't know. Since most are from America or other European countries they're probably at least nominally Christian. Angel, being a good WASP, is probably an Episcopalian. Chamber is probably C of E. [Church of England] Rogue could be anything, maybe Baptist.

From: "Religious Beliefs of Marvel Characters" forum discussion, started 20 October 2004 on the website (; viewed 8 June 2006):

Date: 20 Oct 2004 21:55:56
From: OSinner1

Subject: Religious beliefs of Marvel characters?

Does anybody know the religious beliefs of various characters?

Date: 20 Oct 2004 23:16:20
From: Samy Merchi

Barring any actual solid evidence in the characters' own books, you could always fall back on the Infinity Crusade and see which sides the characters were on in that conflict. Anybody feel like whipping those issues out and checking these specific characters?

Date: 21 Oct 2004 03:52:34
From: The Black Guardian

Anyway, here's the list of those who "faithfully served" the Goddess: Captain America, Jamie Madrox the Multiple Man, Jean Grey, Namorita, Silhouette, Spider-Man, Puck, Archangel, the Inhuman Crystal, Firelord, Hercules, Shaman, Talisman, Moondragon, Quicksilver, the Scarlet Witch, the Silver Surfer, Sersi, the Living Lightning, Thor, the Invisible Woman, USAgent, Moon Knight, Wolfsbane, Doctor Strange, Wonder Man, Daredevil, the Black Knight, Windshear, Sasquatch, Storm, Gamora, Sleepwalker.

IIRC, even if you read the crossover, it's still pretty vague in what religions the heroes believed.

Date: 21 Oct 2004 03:57:48
From: Samy Merchi

In many cases, it [Infinity Crusade] is the strongest canonical reference to many of the characters' religious stance. Some lucky ones have been dealt with at more depth in their own books (DD, Rahne, Storm et al.) but for many characters Infinity Crusade is the biggest canonical reference. If we want to go by canon rather than sheer postulation.

From: "Religion of the X-Men" forum discussion, started 15 May 2005 on the Comic Book Resources website (; viewed 13 June 2006):

Emerald Ghost
05-15-2005, 05:56 PM

Do you ever wonder what religion an X-Man is? I know they are just characters, but still, just for the fun of it.

I am wondering if you could guess their religion by their character, or what they've said, etc.

Sean Whitmore
05-15-2005, 06:22 PM

A good rule of thumb comes from the Infinity Crusade, where the "best" of the MU's religious heroes were brainwashed. A short list reveals [among X-Men and characters from related titled]:
Jamie Madrox
Jean Grey
Scarlet Witch

The Lucky One
05-15-2005, 07:38 PM

Jamie Madrox was one of the most religious heroes? Weird. Offhand, I can't remember his character ever saying or doing a single thing involving any particular religion whatsoever. Nor did I think Archangel was really putting the "P" back in WASP.

The Lucky One
05-15-2005, 07:38 PM

...As for [other] characters...
Archangel - Protestant...

05-15-2005, 10:48 PM

...I'm surprised to see Warren on that list of most religious.

The Fury
05-16-2005, 02:11 AM

The problem is that whether they are strongly religious or not.

While some like Nightcrawler, Storm and Sabra are obvious to their beliefs and faith, there are many that I don't think I've ever seen mention their beliefs or gone to church. Angel, Cypher and Havok...

From: "Up, up, and oy, vey!" forum discussion, started 5 February 2006 on the website (; viewed 19 June 2007):

posted by Asparagirl at 8:14 PM on February 5

...By the way, Marvel apparently recognized early on that its original books had been too whitebread. All five of the original X-Men [Cyclops, Iceman, the Beast, Angel and Jean Grey/Marvel Girl] were WASPs ["White Anglo-Saxon Protestants"], but when they revived the book in the 1970's, the new team members (Havok, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, Thunderbird, Banshee and Sunfire) were WASP, German Catholic, African Pagan, Canadian, Native American, Irish Catholic, and Japanese, respectively...

From: Barry, "For Barry", posted 26 May 2006 on Theo-Dongs blog website (; viewed 8 May 2006):

Why are all the cool characters [expletive] Episcopalians? What the hell! Like every hero with a descent power is all rich and beautiful. Look at that list. The Invisible Woman and the Human Torch (multi-millionaires), Warren Worthington - the Archangel (also a multi-millionaire), Captain Britain (millionaire and ruler of another dimension), Psylocke (Captain Britain's sister, so, yes, a millionaire), Henry McCoy - the Beast (not really a millionaire but a genius geneticist who lives in a mansion with Charles Xavier who is a millionaire), Jean Grey - the Phoenix (also not personally rich, but is a cosmic god who, when she's living, lives in a mansion with millionaires), and of course Bruce Wayne - Batman (who is not a millionaire, but is, in fact, a billionaire). So, yes. There's you're proof. All Episcopalians are lazy rich people.

From: "Where are the Christian Superheroes?" forum discussion, started 22 August 2006 on the Newsarama website (; viewed 5 May 2007):

Mr Wesley
08-22-2006, 10:03 AM

...I pose the question to you, my fellow Talk@Ramanians: If Christianity is the most popular faith in the United States, why aren't there more openly Christian superheroes?

Headache John
08-22-2006, 11:57 AM

I'm Episcopalian myself, so I remember whenever a hero comes up as one. From what I remember, Beast, Jean Grey..., Archangel, [and] Psylocke were all at some point identified as Episcopal.

From: "What are the religious beliefs of the main mutants in the X-Books?" forum discussion, started 16 January 2007 on the Comic Book Resources website (; viewed 16 May 2007):

01-16-2007, 03:51 PM
What do you think the religious beliefs of the following mutants are?

Professor X

01-16-2007, 04:38 PM

Kitty - Jewish
Jean - Protestant
Magneto - Jewish
Xavier - Protestant
Bobby - Jewish
Wanda - Jewish
Pietro - Jewish
Lorna - Catholic?
Storm - No idea...
Wolverine - Protestant?
Emma - Catholic?
Sam - Baptist?
Angel - Protestant?
Banshee - Catholic?
Chamber - Anglican?
Scott and Alex - Protestant
Psylocke - Protestant or Anglican

01-16-2007, 07:09 PM

Most comic book characters are blandly nondenominational with a tendency towards being WASPs [i.e., "White Anglo-Saxon Protestants"]. The only ones I would consider obviously practicing members of a faith are:

Kitty: Jewish
Jean: founder and prophet of the Church of the Phoenix
Magneto: Jewish
Storm: Neopagan, Goddess worshipper
Sam: Baptist
Kurt: Catholic

The Lucky One
01-19-2007, 12:14 AM

...Since [Psylocke] and Archangel once went to church together, I'm guessing [she isn't an atheist]...

Brian "Vash" Ashby
01-19-2007, 12:37 AM

re: Since she and Archangel once went to church together...

I'm sure Angel dragged her there. She was out of her gourd during that time anyway.

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